Mac released their two spring collections last week – Shop Mac Cook Mac (or Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook) and the Vera collection.
They were your standard sized Mac collections and since I’m on… year 3? 4? of tracking Mac collections, I’ve now had my fair share of good Mac products so I’m at the point where I only pick up a few of the products because the rest are really similar to products I already own.
I also decided that since I fel that way about this collection (and makeup in general) that I would start a Project Pan, but more details on that will be in an upcoming post.
By the way, I’ve been posting less and making less videos lately because of school, but I promise the initial rush and stress of it all has passed so I will hopefully be back to a more regular schedule again (meaning daily on this blog and every 3 days on my channel). 
Both of these collections are available to purchase at Mac and Mac online, although some of the products may be sold out already. The products are also available at Mac counters which I have found tend to sell out less quickly than other places to purchase Mac.

The packaging for Shop Mac Cook Mac wasn’t on the actual plastic but on sheaths that covered the plain black boxes that come with regular Mac products. The sheaths were all in the bright blue, yellow-green and pink theme. Very springy and also very reminiscent of the OPI Nicki Minaj colors, especially the more graphically designed sheaths not just the plaid sheaths. 
As for Vera, I don’t think they came in anything special in terms of packaging. I only got the pigment stacks, which just came in a black box so yeah. Nothing special I guess. 
Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad – Shop Mac Cook Mac
This was a purchase completely driven by the fact that Hypnotizing was in it. Hypnotizing was one of my favorite shadows from one of my favorite mini collections from like… 3 winters ago, Love Lace. The other colors in the quad are (fortunately) pretty good as well though and as a group, it actually seems really similar to the purple Spring Colour Forecast quad from a few springs ago. Sugar Snack is the matte light pink, which is pretty pigmented for a light pink, and a matte. Hypnotizing is a frost finished purple toned light taupe, similar to Shale but much frostier. Power Boosted is a veluxe pearl warm purple with a blue sheen. Shop & Drop is a satin finish dark blue. It’s almost like a blackened blue with a bright blue sheen. 
Runaway Red Lipstick – Shop Mac Cook Mac
Another red lipstick for meeeee haha. I buy all the red lipsticks. And teal things. Runaway Red is a satin finished blue toned red. Very very pigmented and rich. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!!
Al Fredo & Salad Dressing Nail Polishes – Shop Mac Cook Mac
Shop Mac Cook Mac came out with three polishes, and I bought these two. The third polish was a corally orange, pretty much the “it” color of the season. Not that any of the other colors highlighted in the packaging aren’t “it” colors, but those are more the trending colors when used together.
Al Fredo is a light  yellow-green color. Mac calls it a “bright acid green” which, it isn’t in my opinion. If any of you are familiar with the color “yellow-green” by Crayola, it’s really just that color. The polish itself is pretty much on the sheer side. I plan to use it on my toes since I love that finish on toes.
Salad Dressing is a light teal, turquoise color. Aka a color I will always buy, regardless of brand or price. I love those shades. It’s much more opaque than Al Fredo.
Excuse the messy application of Salad Dressing by the way, it’s on my dominant hand which means I swatched it with my non-dominant hand and it’s just much more difficult for me to swatch with it. Sorry!
Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigment x4 Stack – Mac Vera
I have another one coming but it’ll be posted when it comes. Mac forgot to pack it in my box! Aloha is the brown/copper toned neutral stack. The other two, Strawberry Patch and Butterfly Party are more pink based and blue based respectively.
The formula of the crushed metallic pigment stacks which were previously seen in Spring Colour Forecast, Surf Baby and Dazzlesphere, are very chunky but very creamy and pigmented. They’re quickly becoming some of my favorite loose shadows to work with. I wasn’t the biggest fan of them when they first came out but bought one from Surf Baby. I passed on the Dazzlesphere ones. I bought this one because it was neutral toned (the others have been very bright colors that aren’t colors that I’d use all that often) and Butterfly Party (which is coming) has a gorgeous teal in it. 
Campfire is a very warm gold coppery color. It’s really similar to a lot of those highly metallic warm golds with those slight orangey undertones like Mac’s Woodwinked and Urban Decay Half Baked. They’re not that similar in color just finish and reflectiveness. It’s a very very warm cold.
Lantern Light reminds me quite a bit of Mac’s Rubenesque paint pot. It’s a peachy gold color.
Aloha is my favorite of the four, which is a taupey reflective cocoa color. I love it. It’s lovely in the crease. It’s really similar to Urban Decay’s Darkhorse just much more metallic. 
Shifting Sands is the brightest and most reflective. It’s a very light neutral color. Reminds me a bit of Mac’s Grand Entrance.
Campfire / Lantern Light
Aloha / Shifting Sands
Campfire / Lantern Light / Aloha / Shifting Sands
Hot ‘n’ Saucy Tendertone – Mac Shop Mac Cook Mac
Mac re-released the Tendertones with Shop Mac Cook Mac and I decided to try them out as they got a lot of buzz. They’re very jelly like and moisturizing. They’re of average moisturizing time for me, nothing super spectacular. They smell like fruit – strawberry-kiwi is what they say but I smell some watermelon in there. 
I got Hot ‘n’ Saucy which is the red tone of the bunch. There’s an orange, a lighter peach with shimmer and a really pale yellow with shimmer. I might go get the orange one before I officially start my project pan. We’ll see though.
Mac Impassioned Lipstick
Now Mac has released quite a few bright lipsticks recently, with the Iris Apfel collection and recently with the Shop Cook collection (which had lots of brights and I didn’t buy them). The only color I would have wanted from Iris Apfel, and really of any of the bright lipstick surge, would have been Party Parrot but I didn’t really really want it. 
I did read online though that a close color to it, and a color that would look better on me, was Mac’s Impassioned lipstick, which is a permanent color. So I thought I’d just show you what it looked like in this post anyways. 
Impassioned is a bright red/pink with a slight coral tone. It’s an amplified finish so it’s extremely bold and bright. I LOVE it. Pretty much as much as Girl About Town. 
I have a feeling they’re going to be my 2 go-to lipsticks this spring and summer!

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