This is one of those uber talked about polishes from the drugstore that was until recently, impossible for me to find. Last summer, I feel like this was the IT drugstore nail polish – so raved about, so coveted. It was also one of those super popular colors in general, as I feel like I saw this shade in bags, clothes, shoes, you name it.
Sally Hansen actually has a ton of different formulations of nail polish, and I don’t really know why, but whatever. They’re all pretty much the same in price and all wear decently for me, and this was no exception. 
Pacific Blue is a bright blue creme. It’s like the brighter sister of OPI’s Dating A Royal. Dating A Royal is a slight bit darker and less bright. I don’t want to say duller, because it’s not dull, Pacific Blue is just more vibrant.
It’s just as opaque as everybody says as well. This was just 2 coats, and it really didn’t need it. 
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and actually didn’t add a top coat this time (as I went to layer over it later anyways, which is a whole different story). Without a top coat it’s pretty shiny and lasted like… 6 hours before starting to wear on the tip, which isn’t bad considering I went and did laundry, dishes, and cleaned the house. Most polishes will wear at the tip if you do that. 
Sally Hansen polishes can be purchased at all drugstores, and I’ve found that this is much more readily available now. It ranges between $5 and $7, depending where you get it and what’s on sale or not.

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