I think I’m going to do more posts like these (people, blogs, channels) that inspire me just so I can share them and let them get a little more love 🙂
If you all read my post on Girl About Town lipstick by Mac, you would’ve read a little paragraph (which is the same as the one below) about a woman named Diana Larionov.
Diana is the daughter of Hockey Hall of Famer player Igor Larionov. Her older sister Alyonka does a lot of media work related to hockey and also hangs out with her sister (Diana) a lot. Alyonka posts a lot of pictures of her and her family, and always reverences Diana as her “makeup artist”. Me being attracted to both of those fields pretty immediately followed Diana on Tumblr and Twitter and started looking through her work (which, I generally really like). She posted a look she was wearing on a night out once, and it had pretty bad lighting, was also Instagramed and just… generally not the greatest “makeup showcase” situation, BUT her lips were just amazing! I instantly tweeted back, not expecting a response at all, and low and behold, she tweeted me back and told me it was Mac’s Girl About Town. Long story short, even in the most unflattering situations (for the makeup, not the person), the lipstick still stuck out and was a must-have for me.
Since then, I have tweeted her randomly about makeup, and she always responds. It’s nice to know that as a busy person, mostly being asked questions about hockey and family or whatever, that she’ll respond politely and promptly.
She is a formally trained makeup artist and works out of Chicago. Her website has her part of her portfolio to view, and I really quite like her style. She emphasizes individual beauty and her makeup is never too heavy or too complicated. She has for sure inspired a lot of my daily looks.
For me, the fact that two of my favorite worlds come together in her and that she’s always so nice and willing to ask questions just made her a stand out person to me, and a person that I wanted to share with you all.
As a random sidenote, she also sings and auditioned for American Idol with her sister, as well as has a few singles on iTunes and she did a Christmas Video that benefitted (I believe) a hockey related charity. She kind of does it all, and I can’t help but be in awe of her.

So, if you’d like to find out more about her, you can check out her website here: http://www.dianalarionov.com/#!

I would love to know about people you all find inspiring, so don’t be afraid to leave me a comment 🙂

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