So I told you all that I got a box from Sara and that I would show you the rest of the items in that box. Well, here are the rest of the polishes! There were a few baby candles from BBW and some chocolates and a China Glaze lipgloss. But I didn’t think those needed to be photographed. 
Again, a million thanks to Sara. Not only does she send me the most amazing gift packages, but I can always count on her to send me something from a brand that I’ve never tried before or items that I would have never thought to purchase because either I wouldn’t pick the colors for myself or I was on the fence about (should I buy them/do I really want them? – I usually always do lol). It’s always cool to get something from somebody for that reason 🙂
The majority of the colors were from Color Club. There were also Misa colors, which I posted about a while ago. Since I’m in a total chunky glitter phase, I was very happy to see all of the holiday colors from Color Club, which is fantastic because they’re all glitter!
Color Club released two glitter collections, one for Fall/Winter 2011 called Backstage Pass, then one for Holiday 2011 (which let’s be honest, is Winter Part 2 for most companies) called Beyond The Mistletoe. Backstage Pass had mostly super chunky, large pieced glitters, and Beyond The Mistletoe had smalled glitters with holographic bits dispersed throughout it. 
Both collections are pretty readily available at etailers, and I’ve seen both at my local Bed Bath And Beyond. Color Club retails for between $3-$5. More swatches are after the jump!

Sugarplum Fairy
I’ll start with the Beyond The Mistletoe Collection, which is the smaller holographic glitter collection. 

In the bottle, Sugarplum Fairy is a slightly purple toned color. It’s a lavendery-lilacy purple color. It just photographed silver. The holo on this one was particularly strong, and when I pulled it out of the box, I let an “ooooh” slip out. Since it’s not a linear holo, it doesn’t look oil spill like on the nail, but the holo is still very pretty nonetheless. The formula was on the thicker side but not terrible to work with. It will work great on it’s own but also if you layer it over another polish.

Jingle Jangle
Jingle Jangle is a cerulean blue glitter with pieces of silver glitter mixed in as well. There isn’t any holo as far as I can tell. There are also bits of purple, some more turquoisey blue, and maybe a darker blue in there as well. Very oceany. I’d probably wear this on it’s own, instead of layering on top of a different color just because the base color is pretty strong. This was also slightly on the thicker side.
Beyond The Mistletoe
Beyond The Mistletoe is a blue and green glitter with holo. It’s a bit more on the sparse side, I found, while swatching them. The holo is really delicate in this one – not as intense as Sugarplum Fairy. Adding the sparseness with the slightly thicker texture of the polish, this was one of the less fun ones to use. I do like the color though and again, I’d probably wear it on it’s own and just push through the texture.
Holiday Splendor

Holiday Splendor is the only polish in this collection with a colored base instead of just a clear base. It’s a cool green base that builds but doesn’t become completely opaque. I wouldn’t call it jelly though because it’s much prettier than that… it’s like glass! The glitter in this one is a little less dense again, which I’m fine with because the polish base color. There’s green and holo glitter mixed in. Very pretty!

I personally find it very strange that a polish called Gingerbread has no hint of that reddy brown that gingerbread is. This is a dominantly gold glitter with holo glitter mixed in. There’s some red in there too, but not enough to make it look gingery. 

Candy Cane

Candy Cane is a candy pink glitter with red, orange, possibly blue, silver, gold, and possibly purple glitter mixed in. So fun! I think this will be my Valentine’s Day nail. Possibly with black shatter on top (because I will be single lol). I would probably use this more throughout the year versus during holiday time, but I guess that’s good, making a polish wearable all year versus only in the holiday time.

Hot Like Lava
I have 3 different colored foil polishes in my collection: silver, gold, rose gold. I feel like that’s what most companies make in that finish because that’s what most people want. I never really considered what a colored foil would look like, but I have to say, I really do like it. Hot Like Lava is a magenta foil from their Foiled collection. Very pretty! It’s like a candy wrapper. It was opaque in 2 coats as well, which is wonderful for a foil polish.
Backstage Pass

This is one of the polishes from the Backstage Pass collection, which was also primarily all big chunky glitters. In most peoples pictures, I actually just couldn’t bare the texture of this polish. I have a thing about certain textures. Bumpy things, like if you poke holes in paper, and touch the other side, I just can’t deal with. I don’t know why. It freaks me out and gives me shivers. No thank you. And then when I saw people swatching this polish and the glitter pieces were curling at the edges? I had the same internal freak out. I loved the combination of glitter and the size, but I couldn’t get over the texture. I’m glad Sara sent it to me though because mine doesn’t do that lol. It again, just goes to show you how beneficial it can be for somebody else to send you something you would have never tried on your own. It’s actually pretty hard to manipulate where the glitter goes since the base is pretty thick. It’s definitely a layering polish not a polish to wear on it’s own. It will make a very fun polish to use nail art wise.

Wish Upon A Rockstar
This is closest to one of those really off brand, indie polish companies that make chunky glitters, made by a non indie brand. Deborah Lippmann does multi sized glitter as well, but at the same time hers have a specific sophistication to them and delicacy to them that those indie brands don’t have. That isn’t to say that those aren’t great – those have a certain soul to them, individuality and special feel to them that don’t require sophistication. Wish Upon A Rockstare is a rainbow mish-mash of different sized glitters. It’s pretty dense, but also has that thick base so it’ll be good to layer but it’s also doable on it’s own.

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