Yesterday, I posted (pretty immediately after I used it) my initial review on the Dove Dry Shampoo, which is new and available at drugstores.
Today was the second day in a row that I used it, and I used it on a work and school day so I could see how it fares outside in natural heat and on a day where I’m more physically active.
As a recap, yesterday I used it in a more sedentary but humid environment, the indoor pool that I work at. I use that to test makeup, hair products – everything. Humidity in an indoor pool environment, especially on a hot day, is like the ultimate test for me. 
Today, I got up and sprayed another dose of the shampoo in my hair. I put it in my part, the back, and any places that were a little oilier than yesterday. I did find that my hair was still pretty oil free, and smelled like the product even after sleeping with it in. I woke up, looked in the mirror and was kind of surprised at how pretty ok my hair looked. 
Adding a second layer of product added just a little bit of buildup in that my hair did feel a little like there was hairspray on it, but not chalky or sticky like other dry shampoos do. The extra layer was just like insurance. 
Through a full day of work at daycare chasing kids, and then walking around school, coaching swim team, all in a pretty humid but also fairly warm day (at hottest 70˚) my hair still felt pretty clean. Not super clean. There was that residue of product, and a little bit of oiliness in the places that didn’t get another round of product, but overall, it was really not that bad for 2nd-day-unwashed hair. 
This just all adds to the fact that I’m enamored with this dry shampoo.
I did get some recommendations on my video for other dry shampoos that are also pretty inexpensive, like Suave, so I might try those out but it’ll be hard because this product set the bar up so high.

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