Since the weather drastically effected my skin this year, more than it had ever done, I decided to go ahead and switch up my skin care routine a little bit to accomodate for all the changes.
My skin really isn’t on the sensitive side, so I never really have to adjust very much, so I was a little at a loss of what to do when all of a sudden my skin was beyond dry and starting to break out more frequently. I actually don’t attribute the break outs to weather, but more to stress. 
So on my last trip to the drugstore, I picked up a new cleanser with some extra moisturizing qualities. 
I picked up the Aveeno cleanser because Missglamorazzi actually raved about it and we have the same needs from skin care products at the moment, and she also has oily skin. Her skin seems like it’s more sensitive than mine so I also took that into account (that if it’s working for her, then it’ll probably work for me). I also was attracted to this because it claimed to be moisture rich.
Instead of replacing my Clinique cleanser completely, I just swapped this in for my night time skin care. I use the Clinique more for the day since it’s a little more drying and it keeps oil at bay, especially when I want it more. At night though, I want my skin to be a little more nourished as I slept. 
The cleanser itself dispenses a bit of foam, about a quarter sized amount. It’s a little too little for me so I use about two to three pumps. I also use it with my Clarisonic every other night to get the dry, dead skin off. 
It’s a pretty gentle cleanser so even when I use it with my Clarisonic, it doesn’t make my skin feel like it’s been through an ordeal. It’s quite nice. It also has a pleasant but not overly offensive smell. 
It has helped my skin by preventing the breakouts I thought I would have. I’m completely sure that my breakouts are either stress or hormonally linked. I don’t break out from food and I was over the teenage-acne phase at age 15 (not that I really ever had breakouts). In other words, for the most part I have, and I’ve always had, clearer skin. Given that the beginning of school always brings some sort of stress, and that I’ve had relatively nice skin, I know it’s working.
I bought this at CVS for about $8 (it was on sale though so I’m not sure what the actual price is). I do like it and will probably continue to use it through the winter and into the spring. 

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