It’s not my finger nails, but my toes this time. Yes, I have tiny toes. And yes, I have tiny toenails. I have baby feet still. My mom makes fun of me all day for it lol.
I don’t paint my own toes. I get them done. I was asked to make a video about it, I tried filming it and it was a pure fail. So, if I get my toes painted a different color than my nails, I will post it on the blog.
Zoya’s Kelly is a dark grey creme with blue undertones. It’s pretty pigmented… I watched as the lady painted my toes and she only used two coats. Two coats wasn’t really all that necessary either.
Recently these gray blues have been really appealing to me, and I like having darker colors on my toes so I’ve been loving this! I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about it at work, so that’s always a good sign.
Since they were painted by somebody else, I don’t know what type of base or top coat they used. This picture was taken a week after it was done though, and given that toes get a lot more contact than fingers, it’s all holding up pretty well.
Zoya Polishes are available on their website as well as at Ulta and retail for $8 each.

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