This isn’t really a review, or really a swatches post, so I don’t know how to title it aside from just posting the name of the product. So here it is. Just a single lipstick lol.
I might actually do this with my other lipsticks… just show you one lipstick at a time and talk about it more in depth than I do in a standard swatch post (which is the same as a haul post that I do, like when I go get Mac products from new collections and such). It’s not quite a review though because I don’t test out my lipsticks on a daily basis (or really any of my cosmetics) for a while to really get a feel of the product. So it’s just a post lol.

Mac’s Girl About Town lipstick is a bright magenta pink. It’s got an Amplified finish, which I’m going to assume means that it’s their most pigmented formula and has a “normal” finish, meaning it’s not glossy or matte. Just that generally creamy looking finish on the lip that most non-matte lipsticks from most brands look like. 
I first randomly heard about this lipstick in a few videos on YouTube, but I couldn’t specifically tell you which one. What really attracted me to this lipstick was a post by Diana Larionov on Twitter. Diana is the daughter of Hockey Hall of Famer player Igor Larionov. Her older sister Alyonka does a lot of media work related to hockey and also hangs out with her sister (Diana) a lot. Alyonka posts a lot of pictures of her and her family, and always reverences Diana as her “makeup artist”. Me being attracted to both of those fields pretty immediately followed Diana on Tumblr and Twitter and started looking through her work (which, I generally really like). She posted a look she was wearing on a night out once, and it had pretty bad lighting, was also Instagramed and just… generally not the greatest “makeup showcase” situation, BUT her lips were just amazing! I instantly tweeted back, not expecting a response at all, and low and behold, she tweeted me back and told me it was Mac’s Girl About Town. Long story short, even in the most unflattering situations (for the makeup, not the person), the lipstick still stuck out and was a must-have for me.
The lipstick swatches pretty opaquely on first pass. The swatch below is just one swipe of the product. When built up, the color just gets more and more vibrant. The finish also stays pretty creamy on the lip and hasn’t yet dried out my lips during the day (I’ve worn it out twice). It doesn’t fade very much either, although does need to be reapplied after eating. 

This tone of pink is definitely a color I think looks better on me than other pinks. I’m not a fan of the very pastelly-cotton-candy pinks on my skin tone. It’s more blue based and darker so it compliments my skintone more. The 3 photos above are Instagramed as well (in other words, if you don’t have an iPhone, the photo is edited) but the color of the lipstick stayed pretty true to life.
Mac lipsticks retail for $14 and can be purchased online, at Mac free standing stores and at counters.

2 thoughts on “Mac Girl About Town Lipstick

  1. I really, really love this lipstick!
    I don't have it but I bought the Barry M dupe so I can test if I like and wear it! And yes! I def. like it! 🙂
    Some day I will buy this lipstick too!!

    btw: it looks super amazing on you! ❤


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