Swatches today 🙂 And more drugstore!
I have two Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks, which I got a while ago but hadn’t made a video or post about so I thought I’d finally get around to it.
Revlon has a few different formulas of lipstick, but I think the Colorburst ones are the most popular, as they’re (I think) the newest and the best in quality; or so I assumed off of what I gathered off the internet really only having swatches and posts about this specific line of Revlon lipsticks.
The Colorburst formula comes in quite a few colors, from neutral to bold but not too bold. There are some darker colors and a red but nothing too over the top. Based on the two lipsticks I have, the lipsticks themselves are fairly creamy, but not too, and are fairly pigmented. They also didn’t dry out on my hands in and did stain a little bit when I went to remove them with a wipe.
My CVS doesn’t have the full range of colors, so I did end up ordering off of, which is convenient because a) they always have some sort of sale for drugstore items and b) it’s guaranteed that I’m going to get a brand new, never before touched product.
They regularly retail for between $5 and $7 depending on where you get them.
More photos and swatches after the jump!

090 – True Red
This is one of the colors I got because I tend to get the red lipstick from any brand so I can compare and contrast with all the other brands. If a brand can do a good red lipstick, then I approve. 
True Red is a warm red color with a slight orange tone, making it brighter than the other red lipsticks I have. It’s lighter and warmer than Mac’s Russian Red.
The finish has a slight sheen, so it’s not matte, but is still fairly pigmented. 

040 – Soft Rose
Soft Rose is the neutral color I chose because based on swatches off of other blogs, it seemed like the most wearable color for my skin tone. It’s a nice slightly mauvey nude color and is great for everyday wear. It’s basically like Sweet Tart Lip Butter by Revlon, just less shiny.

True Red / Soft Rose

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