I was recently contacted by BornPrettyStore.com to review one of their products. I chose one of the nail foils they offer because I’ve been really into nail stickers and such.

Born Pretty is a nail supply/makeup “mega” store in that they sell tons of items for pretty decent price. They’re based in China, but never fret, they offer free shipping! If you’re looking to try new facets of nail art like stamping kits or nail foils, I think this is a good site to get products from because you can get products for pretty inexpensively and for free shipping! This is especially for those of my followers, readers and subscribers that don’t live in the US and live in Asia (which I know there are a few) because then they don’t have to purchase things for a ridiculous shipping price.

There are lots of different patterned Nail Foils – if you’re looking for other patterns that perhaps Sally Hansen doesn’t offer, I would recommend checking to see if they have them on their website. 
The Nail Foils I got are dalmatian print. The package comes with 16 foils, 2 of 8 different sizes. They do run on the bigger side… there are like three or four sizes that really wouldn’t work for me because my nails run small. So keep that in mind. 
In concept, they’re pretty easy to use. You just peel and apply. The learning curve isn’t as high as the Sally Hansen though – I tried four foils and still couldn’t get it down (I only filmed and photographed 2). With the Sally Hansen, it only took me one trial then I pretty much understood how to perfect the technique. These are definitely harder to master.
They also will only last a few days compared to the Sally Hansen which lasted about a week for me. The removal for these foils calls for just washing and peeling off with warm soapy water. If you’re like me and wash your hands obsessively as well as if you work at a pool, these will probably be more useful say on a night out. Just keep in mind, to use these as a quick nail fix for a night out, practice before.
I will use the rest of the foils that fit my nails as accent nails later on (since I don’t have enough to finish a full set of nails). I also do want to try a different texture of them – I believe they have fully metal finish ones like Minx nails. So I will probably order more in the future.
Born Pretty is offering a coupon code though! You’ll get 5% off of your purchase with the code YU5K31 and it’ll be valid until April 30th 2012. 

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