Over Christmas, Sara sent me another nice package of goodies. I didn’t film a video of the items because I got caught up in all the holiday stuff and didn’t think about it actually. I do have a post coming up of the rest of the products I got in the box, but I thought I’d just give a little teaser with these polishes.
Misa is not a brand that I have ever tried, nor have I ever seen in them stores. I have seen many bloggers write about them though and generally have a good opinion of them so I was very pleasantly surprised to find them in my Christmas box.
I actually don’t even know anything about their collections or their line, so I can’t go into detail about when these polishes were released and if they were limited edition but I’ll do the best I can with what I do know 🙂
There were 5 Misa polishes in the box, all in a range of colors that I’ve been reaching for lately, which is convenient.
Swatches are after the jump!

Grey Matters

Grey Matters is a light neutral grey with a silver sheen in the bottle, but swatches as a light neutral grey with black speckles that shine when you tilt the nail. As winter leads on, I foresee myself wearing this for a good week. Just to match the sky and my mood that school has started again lol.
The formula on this was great. It was opaque in 2 coats and didn’t streak at all or apply patchily.

Office Polish-tics
Office Polish-tics (which is a cute name btw) is a dark blue-gray creme in the bottle but swatches a very dark slate color. I’ve actually recently been looking for a color like this so when this swatched this color I was very pleased. This one also had an amazing formula. Opaque in 2 coats. 

Quirky Smile

Quirky Smile is a shimmery ultra-marine green-blue. Very ocean-y and mermaidy. It swatches very true to bottle color. This needed 3 coats I found to get to full coverage, although 2 thick coats would also get you the same result. Formula was pretty on par with the rest, it was just on the thinner side (not in a bad way).

Date Nights to the Twilight
Date Nights to the Twilight is one of those polishes that reminds me why I love the color purple so much. It’s majestic, rich, and deep and just looks luxurious in the bottle. It’s a true royal purple violet color. Very much like Crayola’s Violet crayon. It’s got a shimmery finish and is very opaque. It’s definitely a little more on the red side than in the photos (purples are impossible to photograph correctly, as I’m sure every body that photographs makeup and nail polish will tell you). Love this color!

Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera
This is a jewel toned magenta shimmer color. I’ve actually been reaching for a lot of pinks lately so this is a good switch over to a more winter-appropriate pink since it’s finally been winter weather! This one is also very opaque and fully covers in 2 coats. 
Again, I have no idea where Misa can be purchased in-store but I know you can get them on etailers.

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