A couple of weeks ago, actually it was the week before Christmas, so that would make it about a month ago, the central heating in the place I work at broke. During that same time, the weather where I lived went from cold, to super cold and dry. And then, during that same time, I made the poor decision of making lemon bars, and the lemon juice severely ruined my cuticle area to the point that it got swollen almost blistery on my middle finger on my right hand (thank god it wasn’t my swatch hand lol!). The acid from the lemon juice just killed my hands. 
When the heating got fixed, they decided to BLAST the heat through the building so it just dried up my skin even more. Thus the search for the perfect hand cream came into existence.
I did purchase some of the Cocoa Butter Vaseline and have been using that as a nightly routine. It’s just too sticky to use during the daytime, so I went browsing on Sephora. 
Sephora actually didn’t have anything that seemed too spectacular so I went to CVS and decided just to get a travel size of the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, which I know is grease free and scent free. The main problem I have with hand creams is that they’re always greasy, and that turns my hands grimy and I HATE that. Hate hate hate. Worst feeling ever! Clean hands might be one of my favorite feelings lol.
Then I remembered that the brand Soap & Glory has been getting a lot of positive attention on YouTube lately, specifically their Hand Food Hand Cream and that they recently started stocking at Sephora so I thought I’d go check them out. 
I wanted to purchase a few more products from their line – I already have the Flake Away Leg Scrub that Sara kindly sent me. I actually didn’t even realize it was the same brand until I looked at the packaging of the Flake Away and the packaging of all the Soap & Glory products that people were showing on YouTube and it clicked.
Soap & Glory used to be stocked at Target but for some reason they aren’t anymore. Possibly because they started stocking at Sephora? Either way I’m glad they’re still around here where I live.
My Sephora actually didn’t have any of the Soap & Glory line available besides the Hand Food Hand Cream, and they had it in one of the little bins that you stand next to when you checkout. 
This size that I got I believe was the only size available and is 1.7 oz for $5. They have a bigger size available online which is 4.2 oz for $10
The scent is the same as the Flake Away scent which is a sweetened lavender scent. There’s definitely a therapeutic undertone to it, which is the lavender, but the main scent is a very sweet, slightly fruity but also deep. Hard to explain. This is what Sephora/Soap & Glory says it smells like:

Its alluring scent of Soap & Glory’s signature Pink Fragrance combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and amber and warm vanilla notes on the bottom. 

I personally didn’t get any of that in the scent. Jasmine actually yes, and some fruitiness. But Whatever. It’s not an offensive scent to me, to some people it might be though if they don’t like perfumed products since it is a little on the strong side.
The cream itself is not a thick cream, very much on the averagely not-watery-not-heavy side. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly but hydrates and doesn’t just disappear. It doesn’t leave any sort of residue either, which is fantastic! A little goes a pretty long way with this too so you don’t have to use a ton to get a good fix for your hands.
It hydrates a little longer on my hands than the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, which I think is because the Aveeno wasn’t made for hands, as hands (obviously) get more use in the day and they tend to wear products off more quickly.
Overall, I think if you don’t like perfumed items, you may not want to look into this, but if you don’t mind them then I think it’s a great hand cream. It’s become a staple in my bag and almost all of my coworkers ask on a daily basis to use it, which is a good sign.
It’s available at Sephora and Sephora online.

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