On my last trip to CVS, I went looking for new face wipes because I was finally ready to try something new. This isn’t to say that I was in any way dissatisfied with the Neutrogena wipes I had been previously using. Those were working spectacularly for me and I don’t really have any complaints about them. I just wanted to branch out and explore other brands, especially because it’s deep winter now and I think my skin just needed a little bit of a boost without completely changing my skin care routine. 
I was actually considering getting the Mac Wipes but for some reason I just didn’t want to pay that much, even though per wipe you get more in the package. I also didn’t want to get the bulk package because of the “what if I don’t like them” fear. And actually, I almost didn’t get a new brand of wipes because the Neutrogena wipes were on sale and I didn’t like the Ponds wipes I had previously tried and couldn’t settle on another brand I wanted to try. 
That’s when I saw the Yes To Cucumbers wipes. Other YouTubers had reviewed this product and had really liked them so they were always in the back of my mind as an item I had to try. Then I saw the price ($5.99 for 30 wipes) and was even more inclined to buy them! Neutrogena wipes are on average $7 for 25 wipes. 
Packaging wise, the Yes To Cucumber wipes come in a green plastic bag with a plastic snap top, like the Mac Wipes. I prefer this over the Neutrogena wipes because those close shut with a sticker and once you get down to your last couple wipes, it doesn’t stick as well. Miraculously, the wipes don’t dry out in that packaging, but it’s just nice to know the face wipes are kept away from dirt and other contaminations. Inside the snap top on the Yes To Cucumber wipes, there’s a little sticker to really keep in moisture.
The wipes themselves are a little bit rougher than the Neutrogena wipes. Not in a bad, uncomfortable way. In a slightly exfoliating and “it feels like I’m getting a good clean off of this”. They’re not as moist as the Neutrogena wipes though, which makes me feel like I’m not getting as much off of my face like the Neutrogena wipes. 
Most of the time, with the Neutrogena ones I can comfortably get 97% of the makeup off my face, including eyes and the foundation on my neck. With the Yes To Cucumber, I feel like I should use another product along with it to really get a good clean. 
Recently on heavier makeup days, I’ve been using Mac’s Cleanse-Off Oil to start with, I lather it a little on my face with water, then use a Yes To Cucumber wipe to fully get everything off and clean my skin. Then I use a cleanser. When I have a less heavy makeup on, then just a wipe will do. 
The scent is a pleasant, fresh, clean cucumber scent which is nice. There is also no residue left on the face which sometimes happened with the Neutrogena wipes. 
Overall, I think both wipes have a place in my routine. The Yes To Cucumber wipes will do better for when I have less makeup on, the Neutrogena wipes will do better when I have a heavier makeup on. I am pleased with these wipes though and would not hesitate to purchase them in the future.

2 thoughts on “Review: Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

  1. I got these to go in my gym bag, but when I stopped going to the gym as often I took them out for regular use, and like you I purchased these because they were a better deal then the Neutragena. Um bad news for me though, I had a major bad reaction. My face got red, hot and looked puffy, sore pimples popped up on my face and I was itchy.
    I've not heard anyone else have a problem, but this was the only thing I changed so I know these were the issue. Still the Yes To brand has amazing products, I just can't do the wipes.


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