Before browsing the Fortune Cookie Soap site, I hadn’t really heard of Milk Baths before. It sounded amazing though so I figured why not. They also had it in their Cupcake scent so it was sort of like an instant no-thought purchase.
Fortune Cookie Soap describes their Milk Baths as:

People have been using milk baths for centuries to keep skin beautiful. One notable ‘celebrity’ famous for her beautiful skin is Cleopatra VII the last pharaoh of Egypt’s Ptolemaic dynasty. Milks contain emollient fats, which soften and smooth skin. Our special milk baths contain powders like banana, pumpkin, and coconut that can gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Some of our milk baths have colloidal oatmeal which is renown for its ability to soothe skin.

Common Questions

  • How long can I soak in a milk bath?
  • We recommend getting out after 10-15 minutes. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Milk contains acids that can aggravate your skin if you stay in to long.
  • Should I rinse my bath tub after my bath?
  • Yes, our milk baths contain natural milk and powders, and can leave a residue in the tub. You can wipe it down with a wash cloth and gentle cleanser.
  • If the milk bath I want contains herbs, can I have them removed or shipped separately?
  • Absolutely, we can leave them out, or ship them separately so you can put them in a muslin bag. During your checkout, just let us know in the notes section… and we’ll be happy to make it for you.

For me, that all sounds good and dandy and I basically took it as it is. I figure I enjoyed my bath when using the Milk Bath powder so I can’t really tell you if it’s a great product or not, compared to other Milk Baths.
I use about two small handfuls per bath, making the whole pack have about ten baths worth of product. The product itself is a medium milled powder. The Cupcake scent is on the stronger side and definitely lingers in the water. The mixture of this scent, and the moisturizing feel of the water when the product is melted in it made it a very comforting and enjoyable experience.
Personally, I didn’t notice any discomfort after staying in the water for about 30 minutes. I like to wait until the water goes cold. After the 15 minute mark, and after my bath I didn’t notice any negative effects or aggravated skin. But, if you have a more sensitive skin, you may not want to stay in the water that long.
I did notice that the water felt milky, and again, moisturizing, much like when I used the Butterball Bath Bomb or any bath melt from Lush. There wasn’t any noticeable residue in my bath either. So I don’t know, maybe I’m just doing it all wrong? LOL.
Again, I have had a few very pleasant baths with the Milk Bath, and have stayed in the bath longer than recommended and also had no clean up. So yeah. I do highly recommend the Milk Bath.
They can be purchased on the Fortune Cookie Soap website and retail for $12.99.

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