As mentioned in my favorites of 2011, the drugstore has been doing really well recently. Specifically, Revlon. I have bought quite a few Revlon products in the past three months and have yet to be disappointed by them. That’s saying something, since I really hadn’t been a drugstore customer when it came to makeup, and that the majority of high-end brands have something that disappoints me. I mean yes, I go in expecting way way less from the drugstore (except for NYX, which I have a weird “expect the world from them” attitude for some reason) and expect so much from the high end brands but I mean, it’s rare to not be disappointed at all by a brand regardless of how much you pay for products.
To add to my list of products that I am pleased with by Revlon are their matte formula lipsticks. The Super Lustrous Lipsticks are generally very pigmented and very good quality lipsticks. Revlon added a matte finish to the Super Lustrous line instead of making a whole different line of lipsticks.
I actually can’t find these anywhere other than Ulta online (and I don’t typically go to Ulta in person since it isn’t close to me) so I can’t see what the colors available actually look like in person. So I sort of took a random light color, a red and a darker color to try and get a sense of how they do in each color category. The good thing about that though is that I was guaranteed to get a completely untouched lipstick, which is a total pet peeve of mine.
Mauve It Over (003) isn’t really a mauve, but a warmer slightly orange nude color. Really Red (006) is a classic Revlon red that sits nicely in between blue and orange tones. It’s a bit of a brighter red. Wine Not (010) is a very rich wine red. It doesn’t lean too purple, and isn’t too dark so it’s pretty wearable.

The formula of these was very nice. They weren’t too drying on the lips, which a lot of matte lipsticks can be. The color stayed on for a good half of the day before settling into my lips and fading. It lasted ok through eating, definitely needed to reapply but it wasn’t terrible. You can get away with more talking, drinking, fading with Mauve It Over, than the other two, as you would expect with a lighter, neutral color compared to a more dramatic color.

Wine Not / Really Red / Mauve It Over
Pigmentation is great. The swatches below are just one swipe of each lipstick and I didn’t have to press very hard. 
Color selection is just OK for this line, I hope they expand this line of lipsticks a little bit more since they only have 9 colors available. They do go from light to dark pretty well, as there’s also a dark brown lipstick but I think they could add some really bright colors in there for the summer for example. 
These lipsticks are $6.99 each and Ulta always seems to have a coupon code or promotion with their drugstore products so there definitely will be opportunities to get these in a BOGO sale. 

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