Part 2 of the Red Creme comparisons include some brighter red creme colors. I have Essie’s Limited Addiction which was from a fall collection either last year or the year before, Zoya’s Alix, and Chanel’s Rouge Fatal which was a limited edition color from a year and a half ago. All three of these are very different brands in terms of availability and price so I thought I’d lump them together, even though the Chanel is a little bit different in tone.

Essie’s Limited Addiction is the most opaque of the 3, and I only had to use 2 coats to get full coverage. It’s more of an orange red than the Part 1 of the red creme comparisons, and is slightly less of a jelly finish as well.
Zoya’s Alix is slightly lighter than the Essie and slightly warmer. It needed 3 coats and is more jelly-like than Limited Addiction.
Chanel’s Rouge Fatal is nothing like the other two polishes as it’s a blood red creme with absolutely no hint of a jelly finish and is almost opaque in 1 coat. Then again it was about $15 more than the other two. The reason I included this here though was so that I could just include a Chanel red in one of these posts. I personally think that Chanel knows their reds and does some of the best reds in every medium (lipstick, lipgloss, nail polish etc.). It was also a way to highlight the fact that I have NOTHING like Rouge Fatal, even though I have about 10 red cremes.

Limited Addiction / Alix / Rouge Fatal
Essie nail polishes can be found at drugstores and retail for between $8 and $9 on average. I don’t know if you can still find Limited Addiction (I saw it just a few weeks ago at my local CVS but I don’t know if it’s available everywhere still). You may have to search etailers for it. Zoya polishes retail for $8 and can be purchased at Ulta and on their website. Chanel polishes are $26 each, and you may possibly find this at your local Nordstrom since Chanel polishes don’t seem to sell out that quickly if it doesn’t sell out immediately. It is still available on Nordstrom’s site though if you’re wondering.
Limited Addiction / Alix / Rouge Fatal

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