Continuing on in my very long and very thorough journey of finding and comparing “dupes” in my nail polish collections, I am now onto the first part of the red cremes. I have quite a few of them, as you’ll see, and there’s quite a bit more that goes into a red creme than just the color.
The first four I have for you, are all blue toned, slightly darker red cremes, that lean on the “jelly” finish. That is, it’s not a solid creme polish, there’s a slight bit of sheerness and a “squishy” quality to the polish after it’s completely dry.
Malaga Wine by OPI is the slightly pinker red of the four.
St. Petersburgundy and Got the Blues for Red by OPI are dupes for each other, and are a very pure crimson reds.
Dakota by Zoya is basically the same color, I’d say it was like barely the slightest bit lighter. Not more warm or cool toned, just a hair lighter. But it’d really hard to tell, and I really only see it in certain lighting.

Malaga Wine / St. Petersburgundy / Got The Blues For Red / Dakota
I swatched all four of these polishes with 3 coats. From farther away, they really honestly do look exactly the same. Up close, you can tell that Malaga Wine is less red, more pink, and a little less jellier. St. Petersburgundy, Got The Blues For Red and Dakota all look very very similar and for all intents and purposes are dupes of each other. Really, the only reason you’d buy Zoya over OPI would be brush preference as they retail for pretty much the same price/amount. And the only reason you’d get one OPI over the other would be specific availability of one polish over the other (I’ve seen both readily available wherever I see OPI though). 
Malaga Wine / St. Petersburgundy / Got The Blues For Red / Dakota
And again, for a closer look:

St. Petersburgundy / Got The Blues For Red / Dakota
OPI polishes can be found at Ulta and beauty supply stores and retail for between $7 and $9. Zoya can also be found at Ulta, and their website, and retail for $8 each. Both the OPI colors are in their permanent line. 

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