When SayAnythingBr00ke first showed these in her most previous Fortune Cookie Soap video, it was love at first sight. I had to have it. It was intriguing, the idea of combining two different bath luxuries into one product, in scents that just screamed my name.
Fortune Cookie Soap is already known for making really unique bath products at very affordable prices, but this was just beyond that for me. For some reason, this was like the ultimate bath item and in my brain, and I was SO excited to try these out. 
I bought two of the scents they had available at the time, Cupcake which is probably one of their most popular scents (the other being Unicorn Farts) and Twisted Peppermint, which was a holiday scent.
Fortune Cookie Soap describes their Bubbling Bath Crystals as:

Don‘t be sore. Life‘s too short. Melt those tight muscles and relax with our bubbling bath crystals in a hot tub, full o’suds! Just a smidge over troubled waters will help replenish moisture and soften your skin when life gets hard. These bath salts also work to remove unruly toxins from your body and increase your level of circulation. Our bubbling bath crystals are safe for use in most spa tubs and make a regular bathtub feel extra special. 
SLS free
Paraben free
Cruelty free

DOSAGE: Make sure the lid is securely in place. “Shake it up baby now!” For regular tubs, use ¼ to ½ cup under running water for a light foaming action, use 1/8 cup for you lucky ducks with a jetted tub, and “Splish-Splash, you are takin’ a bath!”

The Cupcake scent is a very straightforward frosting and cake scent – there are very obvious undertones of butter with overtones of warm sugar. I love it. It’s everything that I want from anything cupcake scented. Twisted Peppermint is also very straightforward. It’s pepperminty but also has some sweetness to it so it’s not a strong, cutting mint.
The product itself is also very straightforward, which is nice. I like that there’s no bullshit with the products and scents. It’s not complicated to use, and there aren’t any extra surprises that make clean up a drag after the bath. I love Lush, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Belle Ame bath products but both companies sometimes add extra things in their products like Bath Bombs and there’s clean up after my bath. After being relaxed and pampering myself, extra cleanup isn’t what I want.
I found that two handfuls of the bath crystals work perfectly for a good bubble. Both scents linger in the water for just the perfect amount of time (until the water goes cold). I did find that the bubbles didn’t last that long. Lush Bubble Bars last longer for me.
Since the product combines both bubbling and salts, I did find that my skin was left softer and more refreshed after the bath than with just a typical bubble bath product. The scents also lingered on my skin for about an hour after I got out.
These can be bought on the Fortune Cookie Soap site, and retail for $12.99. I got about five or six baths out of one of the tubes, so that’s about $2 to $3 per bath, which is great! The Cupcake scent is again still available on their site but Twisted Peppermint was a holiday scent. They do however have this product in Unicorn Farts, which is a very fun and sweet scent if you’re looking for that 🙂

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