I’m eternally on the search for the perfect blackened red jelly. One of those red at first coat, and slowly but surely getting deeper, and just more beautifully blackened. Like a garnet. I think I’ve gotten closer to my ideal polish with Julep’s Lindsay.
This was a polish I ordered on my own, and not in one of my Julep Maven boxes. Julep Polishes retail for $14 on their own and come with less polish in the bottle when compared to the standart polish, so yes, they are on the expensive side. In general though I have had great results from Julep Polishes in that they’re mostly all 2 coat polishes and they last about 4 to 5 days with no chipping for me.
“Lindsay”really just looks like blackberry juice on the nails with the first coat. With the second, the red gets deeper and the third brings a nice glossy finish and completes the deep, dark red jelly look.
I actually got a manicure and pedicure done for the first time in ages and had the ladies paint this on my nails so I can’t tell you what they used as a base and top coat but the combination lasted a week on my nails with no chipping. Again, two coats would have been enough for me but they did 3 coats on both my nails and toes.
Julep Polishes can be purchased on their website.

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