Another Christmas item from Lush, I apologize. But it’s also a product that Lush releases every year so I again don’t feel THAT bad about posting it.
I first saw this item on AllThatGlitters21’s channel. She had bought it a couple of years in a row and we have some overlapping tastes so I thought I’d try it this year too.
It smelled like just a Lush Store when I first opened it. That generic bath smell that I love, but I was sort of confused as to what it was supposed to smell like.
I used half of it for one bath. It was easy since mine came broken. Sometimes Bubble Bars can be sort of had to crumble and break apart and then big chunks happen and products get wasted.
In the bath, Christmas Eve dyes the bath a nice blue color. I’m not the biggest fan of red and brown colored water after Lush products. It’s sort of… gross. Even though it smells like chocolate or strawberries. There’s something gross about coming out of brown and red water. But that’s just me.
The actual product itself ended up smelling very soothing like jasmine. It bubbled averagely like other bubble bars from Lush.
I think it cost between $5 and $7, like most Lush bubble bars.

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