More comparisons! Yayyyyy lol. I know I’ve been slow to update this “series” of posts. But I do promise, they will continue to come, slowly but surely.
Today I have a few coral reds to compare for you. I’ve been in the mood for summery colors lately since it seems like summer will never come where I live. There really hasn’t been any rain or cold weather at all this winter. It’s bizarre.
The first three polishes are corals with a more slightly jelly finish. The second group have a more creme base. 
OPI’s Cajun Shrimp is a true coral red color. Essentially the color of shrimp shell after it’s cooked. It’s got a slightly jellier finish so there’s a slight translucent finish to it. It’s not obvious but there. You need three coats in other words to get a more opaque finish.
Mac’s Scorcher was from To The Beach, which was a summer collection two years ago. It’s a little more orange than Cajun Shrimp. It also requires 3 coats.
Essie’s California Coral is a slightly creamier finish. If you added a touch of white creme to Scorcher, you’d get California Coral. California Coral is more opaque and only requires 2 coats to reach full opacity.

OPI Cajun Shrimp / Mac Scorcher / Essie California Coral

The next three compare California Coral to two other polishes, corals with more creme-y bases as well. 
Orly’s Retro Red, which is one of their Plastix Collection polishes, has a much more orange base than Cajun Shrimp and Scorcher. The rubberized finish helps with opacity.
Essie’s Cute As A Button strays more toward Salmon Pink, than staying in the Coral Red family. Again, if you add another smidge of white creme to California Coral, you get Cute As A Button.
Orly Retro Red / Essie California Coral / Essie Cute As A Button
Besides the Mac polish, the rest of these polishes are still readily available online and in stores like Ulta for OPI, Essie and Orly, and CVS for Orly and Essie. 

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