I have another Lush review for you today, unfortunately it’s of a Holiday product but I just used it this week and Lush releases it every year, so you’ll probably be able to get it next year as well.
The Melting Snowman Bath Melt is a very cute, sweet smelling bath melt that was about 3 inches in diameter. It cost about $5 (I think) which makes it about an average price for size when it comes to Lush Bath Melts.
When I first opened the bag, it smelled like marzipan. I’m quite fond of that smell in bath products so I knew I was going to be pleased with this particular product, well at least in terms of smell.
The buttons were made of chocolate chips and the nose was some sort of gummy sugar item. The candy bits all melted in the bath.
The Bath Melt lasted a decent amount of time in the water. It took about 20 minutes to fully melt. I noticed that it made my bath noticeably more moisturizing and the smell made everything much more comforting. It was just sort of sad that he had to melt! He was so cute lol.
I definitely will purchase another one of these next winter since it was a product that was so down my alley in terms of scent and product quality. 

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