To continue with the massively wonderful success that the drugstore brands have been releasing, Maybelline released a line of Mac Paint Pot like products called the Color Tattoo 24 Hr Eyeshadows. They originally released 10 colors, including an unprecedented amount of brights for a drugstore brand, and although it seemed like a fantastic line, I decided only to choose 2 of them.
I also picked up a few more of the L’Oreal lip balms, which I really like as easy to carry and easy to use tinted lip balms. Again, they are in NO WAY SIMILAR to the Revlon Lip Butters.

Bold Gold

Bold Gold is a warm, medium toned gold with a slight bit of shimmer. Not so much a frost, as more of a metallic finish (if you want to consider them different lol).
The texture of these is really similar to Rubenesque or Bare Study paint pot in both finish and just overall texture of the product. They go on smooth but aren’t as creamy as Painterly and aren’t as soft and squishy as the shimmery paint pots that got released with Cham-Pale.

Bad To The Bronze
Bad To The Bronze really isn’t a bronze to me, but more of a warm taupe. It looks really quite warm in the pot, and more red but when swatched and blended out there’s this less warm, cooler tone that comes through.

L’Oreal Tender Mauve and Plush Plum Lip Balm
I really like these. I really like that it’s a tinted lip balm I don’t have to stick my finger into, that isn’t overly expensive, and that moisturizes my lips for a long time and gives quite a nice bit of color. 
I’ve never found a tinted lip balm that gives me a pretty sheen, doesn’t dry out and leave bad color, and is inexpensive and NOT found at Sephora.
So, I was very very pleased with these when I first used them. I now have 4 in various shades and I love them. 
Tender Mauve is a darker mauve color that swatches prettily. It’s really a true cooler berry color.
Plush Plum reminds me quite a bit of Clinique’s Black Honey in that it looks bold in the tube but swatches to another berry stain. They’re not similar really in color or texture, but in idea.
Tender Mauve, Plush Plum
Tender Mauve (top), Plush Plum (bottom)

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