In the past 2 weeks, Mac has released 4 collections as they always seem to do right after Christmas and right after New Years. 
The past two years’ collections have given me some of my favorite Mac products so I was excited to see what Mac had to offer this winter.
Chronologically, Daphne Guinness and Tour De Fabulous had some darker bolds and bright lip products, respectively. Then came Iris Apfel which was a Mac Store ONLY collection that released a pretty full range collection of bright and bold colors. Naturally was the mineralize product heavy (as one of their winter collections always is) neutral collection. 
I purchased most of my things from Naturally as I love the Mac MSFs and I tend to buy more neutrals than colors (even though they’re neutrals, you can seem to never have enough right?). 
I also purchased some permanent and discontinued items from the permanent range. 

Mac Naturally Collection – Redhead MSF

I was not a makeup person at all when Redhead (and Blonde) were originally released so I took the opportunity to snatch up these Mineralize Skin Finishes when they released this time around.
Redhead has 4 different strips of color going from a beige to a warm beige-pink.
It swatches as a beige-pink.

Mac Naturally Collection – Blonde MSF
Blonde is a more pink MSF with four strips that range from a light peachy pink to a more light petal pink. 
This swatches more pink and slightly more cool than Redhead.

Redhead / Blonde
Naturally also had 3 Mineralize Blushes. I had never tried Mac’s Mineralize Blushes because I figured I always liked the Mineralized Skin Finishes better because of their size and they always release a blush-worthy color in their MSF formula. The MSFs are $28 for 10g and the Blushes are $22 for 3.5g. Basically for $6 more you get WAY more product/price. I also found that the blushes never came in a unique enough color for me to get them. I can get the finish I want from MSFs which are the shiny, almost shimmery finish, and the colors that the blushes are in are available in every other brand. 
What caught me about these blushes though were that they were matte and in colors that are very bold and not anything I had seen in very many other brands. Nars probably releases colors similar to this but they are super pricey/product amount. 
Mac Naturally – Early Morning Mineralize Blush

Early Morning is a warm, coral red color. It’s smooth, pigmented and totally unlike any blush colors I have (mostly because it’s matte, but also because it’s red).
The other blush color (Subtle Breeze) was a more wearable light pink color which wasn’t that unique so I didn’t get it.

Mac Naturally – Fresh Honey Mineralize Blush

Fresh Honey is almost a pure orange blush. It’s got a little bit of a burnt pink tone to it making it more wearable than just an orange would have been.
I don’t own anything like this. I’ve heard that Nars Gina is similar but I was always too scared to try that.

Early Morning / Fresh Honey

Mac Iris Apfel – Robin’s Egg Eyeshadow

The only thing I got from the Iris Apfel collection (because I don’t really wear bright lipsticks aside from red) was the teal (no surprise) matte shadow in Robin’s Egg.
This is a lighter teal that is perfectly in the middle of blue and green although it will pull from the colors around it and will lean to either side.
It’s pretty pigmented and smooth for a matte shadow. Not as soft as Inglot but still pretty good (if you’re like me and go “INGLOT VERSUS THE WORLD” in the area of matte shadows).

Mac Discontinued Shadows – Hepcat, Romp

Mac recently put these on the discontinued list so I snagged them before they were gone for good.

Hepcat is a magenta with a purple sheen. Very pigmented and definitely not a color I would normally get. I had it on my “to-buy” list forever and figured it was permanent so held off. But not it’s discontinued, so voila! Lol.
Romp is another “to-buy” neutral. It’s a warm gold with a bit of a bronze undertone. Similar to if you mixed Bold Gold and Bad To The Bronze (from Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Line).

Mac Daphne Guinness – Aurora Pigment

Aurora was one of 3 pigments from the Daphne Guinness collection. It was the only one I picked up. It’s a lighter cooler brown frost. It’s unique without being unique. If that makes sense. It’s a neutral that I was SURE I had but it’s really different than any color in my stash.

Mac Daphne Guinness – Hyperion Nail Polish

There were also 3 polishes in the Daphne Guinness Collection. I only picked up Hyperion, which is a very light, dusty pastel blue. It’s the color I pair with Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter In The Air.
Hyperion was very creamy and pigmented. 2 coats is perfect.

Mac 286 Brush
This was released with Naturally but I believe it’s now permanent. It’s a skunk brush in the tapered shape of a 222. Which is why, I’m assuming they discontinued the 222 brush. 
It blends pretty well. Definitely not the best for concealer (which is what I first used it for). Probably better for softer pigments like Mineralized products (which is probably why it was released with Naturally). 
Mac Velvetone Eye Brows 

This was another discontinued product. If you look at a lot of Mac’s Discontinued items, it’s a lot of deeper toned products (foundations, concealers). This goes with that in that it’s a black eyebrow pencil.
Perhaps Mac is planning a new range of colors for deeper toned people? Or has a new collection with more deep colors? I don’t know.
But I believe Mac doesn’t have any other black eye brow product, besides gel set, so I bought this before it was gone for good.

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