I split up all the photos for the haul I just posted so that there isn’t just one ginormous and overwhelming haul post that takes forever to load with all of it’s photos.
This is of all the high end polishes (aside from Mac) that I showed – Chanel, Deborah Lippmann and Nails Inc.
Chanel Polishes can be purchased at Chanel counters in Macy’s and Nordstrom and are $26 each. Deborah Lippmann polishes retail for between $16 and $20 and can be purchased at Nordstrom and online on their website. Nails Inc. can be purchased at Sephora for between $14 and $16 each.

Nails Inc. Whitehall Magnetic Effect Polish

This is one of the 3 colors that Nails Inc. has in their Magnetic Effect line. There’s also a gray and purple, which I have and already swatched.
Whitehall is a teal shimmer base that leans a little on the green side. When you activate the polish with the magnet, the black magnetic particles come through and you get a design like this:

I used one coat as a base, let it dry and put another coat on top before immediately activating the polish. The polish itself is pretty thick and pigmented so you can totally get away with 2 coats and get a full coverage look on the nail. 
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 513 Black Pearl
Did you know in December of 2010, this retailed for $23, but the price increased to $26? Where the hell did that come from? $1, I get it, but $3??? 
Not that it stopped me at all because well, look, I bought Black Pearl anyways. This will make me buy Chanel Polishes (and products in general) sooner rather than later though incase there’s another ridiculous price increase in the future.
Black Pearl is a polish that I had on my radar for a while, since it was such a super raved about product. It’s a black with green shimmer and on the sheer side. I think it’s the nature of this texture of polish. 
It covers pretty well with 2 coats and definitely needs a top coat to make it really shine.
Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings The Blues
This is probably one of my favorite Lippmann polishes. It’s so deep and so night-sky like. I did a NOTW post of this recently and I wore it on New Year’s Eve. 
The dark jelly blue base really makes the light silvery-blue glitter look like stars. It layers wonderfully, and 2 coats is just perfect.
Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air
Glitter In The Air is probably one of my favorite Pink songs. It’s delicate and bold and so full of emotion. Very different than what you normally hear Pink do. She’s a very RAH-RAH-RAH-I’M-A-POWERFUL-WOMAN but that song really showed this soft “girl in love” side to her. 
I think the polish reflects that perfectly. For a glitter, it’s very unique since the base is this very soft pale rain blue jelly, and the glitter is a blue and pink glitter mix of different sizes. Like what? Who mixes those colors? But put all together like that in a polish, you get a very pretty mix. 
It’s indeed very very sheer, and 3 coats is still going to give you a sheer look on the nail. I layer it over Mac’s Hyperion polish which is a very opaque light pastel blue. It’s pretty much the same color so you only need a coat of Glitter In The Air on top to get a sense of what it would look like opaque. 

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game
Wicked Game was the original silver-gray-purple-green multichrome polish. Since it’s release, lots of brands have been trying to duplicate this color as well as other multichrome polishes that have the same dramatic shift in color. Mac, Wet n’ Wild are two companies out of many that have recently released colors similar to Wicked Game.
Lippmann’s polish is, like the others, on the sheer side, and when swatched you get mostly the gray and purple. You really do have to shift the nail to see the green. I think it’s really quite more opaque than the other alternatives available though.
Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow
This is one of those $20 polishes that includes special ingredients that I’m really not quite sure is there or makes an evident appearance in the polish. Either way, it doesn’t really matter for me because it’s fantastically beautiful. 
Boom Boom Pow has a wonderful, delicate, light gold shimmer. On top of that there’s a bold gold glitter. A true jewelry like gold color. 
I probably won’t use this on its own, but layered as I did on the NOTW post. It adds a bit of decadence to the nail without going overboard.

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