Hair care isn’t something that I’ve ever been too interested in. I always figured I would rather be more concerned with skin and makeup and that I could always just put my hair up or braid it to the side and not be as worried about it since it will be out of the way and not a focus point of my person. 
I do use a few hair products, mainly hair treatments/serums to keep my hair in check and not completely unhealthy. 
Shampoo though isn’t something that I ever thought I would go out and specifically buy. I had always been pleased with the random whatever shampoo that is in my shower that is in the Costco size. Over the summer though, and through to September and October, my hair started to get a little bit more on the oily side than it ever had been before. That’s when I started to peruse reviews for cleansing shampoos. 
Cleansing shampoos are made for basically stripping everything out of your hair and well, getting your hair really, really clean. 
There are drugstore shampoo brands that make cleansing shampoo formulas, but I think I went for a high end shampoo because I a) wanted to see if it’s worth spending a little more for a shampoo and b) It was during the Friends and Family Sale for Sephora so I figured I’d just stick it in that haul. 
Bumble and Bumble is a brand that I was familiar with because I have used a few of their products and they generally have good reviews on Sephora. 
The Sunday Shampoo, which is 8 fl. oz and retails for $20, is an odorless blue gel. It’s not super thick but isn’t water either. It lathers really nicely and doesn’t make the hair feel stringy and overly stripped right after you wash your hair. 
On Sephora’s site it says:

Sunday Shampoo
What it is:
A weekly detox for product junkies and infrequent washers.

What it does:
This shampoo rids hair of residue, hard water minerals, and pollutants.

What else you need to know:
This product is a great relief from shampoo boredom. For best results, use prior to a weekly Deeep Masque. This product is not for color-treated hair.

I’ve used this for quite a while now, about 2 and a half months, and so I do feel like I have a good grasp on how it effects my scalp and hair.
I mostly use this now the day after I use the black hair dry shampoo from Bumble and Bumble. In other words, if I have a supreme build up of product in my hair, that is when I reach for the shampoo.
The first time I used it, I used it just on a regular washing day, and I was impressed that it really made my hair feel clean and really just took everything out but at the end of the day, I started getting flakes in my hair because my scalp was so so stripped of oil.
I had used it once a week, regularly for a about a month and each time had a problem with flakiness and then had to use a dry shampoo and I found that the product build up was getting really bad for a while. That’s when I stopped using it regularly.
Weather-wise, that was also when it started to get more dry as well. It got cooler and the rain started to go away. Because of that, everything (well beside my face) got very dry – my hands, my scalp, my feet, my legs. Everything.
Because of that, I decided that it would be a better product to use in the summer, when the climate is much more humid and hot, and when my hair is oily and needs to be controlled in a much more severe manner. The Sunday shampoo is pretty strong and in the winter it is doing more detriment than benefit to my hair.

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