I’ve picked up a few things from NYX recently so here is the cumulative post of all of the products. I don’t pick up NYX a lot, so when I do I get a sampling of each part of the brand so I can further introduce myself to the line. 
I haven’t been the biggest fan of NYX because I feel like it’s a litte overrated. So many people rave about them, and all of their products, like the Jumbo Eye Pencil. They are on the inexpensive side and yes, I agree that they are pretty good products for price, but I feel like they’re not as outstanding as people claim they are. That might be the biggest reason why I don’t go crazy when I buy NYX products. But I am slowly trying to introduce myself to the products and the company.
This post is mostly going to be swatches since I haven’t used all of them yet and haven’t experimented with all of the products yet. 
NYX can be found online at their website, as well as on Ulta online and in-store, and I’ve heard it can be found at Nordstrom now (although I haven’t personally looked and checked). 

NYX Lipliner Pencil “Cabaret”
Recently I have become more interested in lipliners and paying more attention to lips. Without splurging at Mac and trying all of those and going broke, I wanted to buy some darker lipliners that would be good for red lips. So I browsed the NYX liners since they are more reasonably priced.
Cabaret is a dark wine red color. It would be good for a red lip since if you put a red lipstick over it, it will keep your lips lined, but will not completely change the color of your lipstick. I wanted to get a color that would work with both very dark lips and a good red lip color. 
The texture isn’t super soft but isn’t rock hard either. It’s got a little waxiness to it but isn’t difficult to work with. The pencil blends out pretty well if you immediately blend. After it sits for a while it does set. 
NYX Slide On Eye Pencils 

Amarixe did a blog post of these and she raved about them so I thought I would check them out and put them on the to buy list when it came to NYX products.
These are essentially NYX’s answer to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners and the Milani Aqua Eyes liners that are both very very creamy, pigmented and setting pencils.
Since I was also looking for a good white pencil for the water line, and a new “holy grail” brown liner (since the one that I loved from Benefit was discontinued like 4 years ago) I picked up the white and brown liners.
Pure White is a very (obviously) pure white. It’s very pigmented, and goes on very white with just a single line swatch. Brown Perfection is a dark warm brown.
The formula on these was great. Very buttery and yes, they set and will not budge after they dry. To the point that it took a little bit of scrubbing with a wipe to fully get the brown off. That was a very pleasant surprise and I will purchase more from this eye liner collection.

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner

I already have one of these and liked it quite a bit so I decided to get a few other colors.
The formula is very nice, the glitter comes out densely and it doesn’t flake away once dry.
Crystal Gun Metal is a dark grey/silver glitter liner.
Crystal Aqua is a light blue with a slight teal undertone.

NYX “Mocha” Powder Blush
I’ve also been on a blush kick (which if you’ve seen the last 4 months of videos, it’s pretty evident at this point lol). “Mocha” happened to be a blush that was very well-purchased blush by NYX. Pretty much everybody that has a NYX blush has this one.
Figuring that it must be good, I bought it and am impressed with the NYX blush as well.

The formula is a very pigmented powder. It’s not creamy like some powders can be, it indeed feels powdery but it builds nicely on the skin and doesn’t sit and look cakey on the skin.
“Mocha” is a darker warm pink. It’s more on the red and dusty side than on the brighter, cooler or yellower side.

Given that I was pretty impressed with all the products that I bought this time from NYX, I probably will splurge a little more next time I go looking for more NYX products. There are a few more of their products that I haven’t used yet, so I do want to sample some more things before I get more of their types of products I already have. 

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