This polish is from the new China Glaze Eye Candy collection which was their second holiday/winter collection. The collection was all 3-D glitters, meaning multi-shaped, dense glitters with multiple “dimensions”. 
Marry A Millionaire is probably my favorite of the collection. A few of them had dupes in Sally Hansen as well as other brands but this one was the most unique. 
The polish is a lavender toned small circle glitter with gold and green bar glitter mixed in. It’s all very very dense so it goes on and looks very complicated on the nail. It’s really quite difficult to fully distinguish what is included in the polish, “dimension” wise.
It layers pretty well. I think it’d be nice layered over different polishes. I used 3 coats on my nails over Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat. I then added a thick layer of Poshe Fast Dry Top Coat just to take away some of the grittiness. 
Below I included some more photos in different lighting.
Indoor “Daylight” Lightbulb / Natural Daylight
Natural Daylight / Flash

China Glaze polishes retail for between $3 and $6. You can buy them at Sallys, Ulta as well as on online retailers. This collection is readily available at all of those places.

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