Since I had been a bad blogger last month, I’ve been SO behind on things!
Slowly but surely, I’ll be back on track so for a while I’m going to have posts of things that I have gotten a while ago.
First things first though, how was all of your Christmases? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I also hope you had a wonderful and safe new years!
Plus, I got to 100 followers on here and I can’t be more surprised and in awe! Thank you all so so much 🙂
As a resolution this year, I’ve decided I need to get on track with consistently posting on here. Sound good? It goes for videos as well. I basically turned the blogging down a notch and focused on family and friends and “me time” in December. It was lovely, but I felt really guilty about not posting! So here’s to a new year of videos and blogs.
Today’s post is of the Deborah Lippmann Get This Party Started Set. It was limited edition and you can’t get it on the Lippmann site anymore, but they do have them available on Neiman Marcus’ website, and I saw it at Nordstrom the other day so it’s definitely still accessible.
It comes with 3 polishes, all based off of the famous “Happy Birthday” polish that I feel like really put Deborah Lippmann on the map as a high end polish brand.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday is a confetti like multi-sized chunky glitter. It’s got lots of different colors, sizes… I know that there have been a lot of comparable polishes lately. Milani, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI all have very similar colors.
Happy Birthday has a very good consistency, being opaque in 2 or 3 coats. The best part though is that it removes like a dream when compared to other glitter polishes. All the Lippmann polishes I’ve tried have actually been fantastic when it comes to removal. 
This color is available individually. 

Candy Shop
Candy Shop is the same glitter as Happy Birthday, just in a strawberry-cupcake sort of pink jelly. That’s really all I can think when I look at this polish… girl’s princess themed cupcake birthday! It’s adorable and one of my favorite pink nail polishes.
This I think looks better with 2 coats. 3 coats makes the pink more opaque but I think gives too much glitter. 2 coats gives a slightly translucent look but it doesn’t give too much glitter.

Forget You

Forget You is the Happy Birthday glitter in a black pase. The glitter shines through the black which is a very big plus since sometimes black glitter polishes look amazing in the bottle but terrible on the nail.
This is another 2 coater.

Bring On The Bling
This actually was a Gift With Purchase at Nordstrom, which was awesome. You can also get it individually. I saw it in store about a week before I ordered the set and got this. It instantly reminded me of the Essie Luxeffects white shimmer. 
Bring On The Bling is a slightly yellow toned white shimmer polish. It’s got pink and teal reflects to it in certain lights. Gorgeous.
If you compare it to Essie, then Essie’s is more white toned.
Up close though, the polishes have the same texture and same color reflects:
As a swatch, Bring On The Bling is very just a sheer color that’d work more as an effect polish (paired over something else) than on it’s own:
And together, they look the same, Deborah Lippmann being on the left and Essie being on the right:
Below is a comparison of Happy Birthday to all the other chunky rainbow glitters I have.
As a reminder, above is the Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday glitter polish.
Below I have a comparison of the Milani Gems polish, OPI’s Rainbow Connection and Sephora by OPI’s Spark-tacular Top Coat.

From farther back, Rainbow Connection, Milani and Happy Birthday all look the same. Spark-Tacular Top Coat is much finer and has a less dense glitter organization. There might even be a little more silver as it looks lighter in the bottle than the others.

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