At my local CVS, there are always random OPI polishes that you can get. And I’ve found quite a few treasures there… Smitten With Mittens, for one, and this one. This is OPI’s “Sapphire” from their Designer Series line. That line is mostly holographic polishes, although the new ones they’ve released haven’t been. But, the older ones are all beautiful linear holo polishes, and I hadn’t gotten any of them until I found this at CVS.
Perhaps it’s my total mood for holographic polishes right now, but this I wore on my nails for a good week and a half. Which is a long time in my world. 
“Sapphire” is a light blue base with a very strong holographic effect. The photo above is with flash, just to show of the beauty of it, since the day when I was taking photos of my nails was cloudy.
Below are photos in just regular daylight, and you can still see the holo, but it doesn’t do it justice at all.
This is 3 coats of the polish over Nubar Foundation Base Coat and under Poshe Fast Dry Top Coat.

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