I have a long list of products from Fortune Cookie Soaps to review for you, so why not start with what they’re famous for, their fortune cookie shaped soaps. 
There are many many scents to choose from, as well as packaging options. You can get yours packaged specially in a doggie box if you so choose. Soaps also come in plenty of colors, designs, textures, and effects (they have glow in the dark!).
Everything is hand made, and “gunk free” as it says on their site, which means no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, no synthetic preservatives and no animal testing. 
Right off the bat, it’s very impressive and pleasing to see how many different options there are just for a soap. Lush for sure does not offer THIS MANY soaps. Each soap retails for between $2.50 and $4, depending on the grandeur of the soap.
The scent I chose was Santa’s Cookies. It has an oatmealy texture and seemed very moisturizing at first glance. The scent was on the nuttier side, with some butter in there, not so much sugar. 
Here is what they said on their website:

Certain times of the year brings on special cravings. Like when summer hits we love to eat hot dogs, watermelon, and popsicles! When Christmas rolls around though we love warm, sweet, and spicy things! We rolled all our favorite cravings into one fortune cookie! Our Santa’s Cookies contains peanut butter, apple, cinnamon, ginger, carrot, nutmeg, butter cream, and vanilla! Don’t we just think of everything?!

I definitely didn’t smell that many things, but then again, I’m not the most sensitive scent person.
The soap itself was very moisturizing, it frothed enough to make me feel clean and didn’t dry my hands out. It lasted a while in it’s fortune cookie shape, then started to collapse. I actually still have it in my bathroom, there’s about a quarter of it left and I’ve been using it for about a month.
A thing you have to be aware of though is that you’re going to want to use it pretty immediately after you get it in the mail. I waited about a week, so that I could film a video and photograph it, and it started to… sweat? You can see in the photo that it’s wet. It’s not because I had used it. It’s because water started leaking out of it. So the faster you use it, the better.
I definitely think that it was a good introductory soap, since I liked the scent, texture and overall result.
Fortune Cookie Soaps can be purchased only on their website. Shipping is decent time and price wise, as they hand make everything. Customer Service is also superb – they have a very active twitter account, who is actually Shannon one of the founders, and she is great about answering questions. These would also make great gives if you have a lot of friends to shop for.

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