I was beyond ecstatic when a little brown box came in the mail because I knew exactly what was inside. My local beauty supply store lady ordered the Nicki Minaj Collection by OPI for me, knowing that I’d want them.
Like last year’s Katy Perry Collection, OPI released a 6 color mini collection collaborating with Nicki Minaj. All of the colors were named after Minaj’s music (at least I assume so, since I actually don’t listen to Nicki Minaj).
When the press release first made its way onto a bunch of nail blogger’s sites, I really only wanted 2 of the colors, which were the 2 glitters. Slowly, a few of the bloggers started getting the colors and even in swatch form, only 2 of the colors seemed worth it.
I was relieved though after swatching everything that I got all 6 of the colors. The collection has 3 creme finish colors, very bright and unique. The 2 glitters are also unique, and are my favorite of the 6. The last is a shatter polish.
This collection is supposed to be available in January. OPI retails for between $8 and $9.

Of the three cremes, this is my favorite, for probably obvious reasons. It’s a very bright, turquoise teal creme. It’s got a wonderful glassy finish and almost perfectly opaque formula. Above is 2 coats. I was surprised to find that I didn’t have any dupes in my collection. Any similar colors are either too blue or too green.
Orly Viridian Vinyl / MAC Ocean Dip / OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui / OPI Fly
Viridian Vinyl is probably closest in color, although it dries to a rubbery finish. It’s also slightly darker than Fly. Ocean Dip is lighter and more green. Suzi Says Feng Shui is obviously much bluer. Fly makes Suzi Says Feng Shui look incredibly blue actually, even though in real life it’s got green undertones to it.
Pink Friday
Pink Friday is a bright, bubblegum pink creme. This is, assuming, Nicki Minaj’s signature pink color. She also collaborated with Mac for a very limited edition lipstick that was very similar in color. The formula for this one was slightly sticky but was very opaque. The swatch above is just 2 coats.
This was also a color that wasn’t as easily dupeable as I had thought it would be.
OPI Pink Friday / Julep Carrie / OPI Make Love.. / China Glaze Something Sweet
Julep’s Carrie was the most similar in color. It’s just slightly darker and more pink and warm. Make Love… is much more sheer, and slightly warmer as well. Something Sweet is lighter and slightly more sheer as well. I would pretty much say that Julep’s Carrie is a very suitable “replacement” if you will for OPI’s Pink Friday. Not an exact dupe, but very very similar.
Did It On ‘Em
I originally thought that Did It On ‘Em was going to be really really similar to one of the OPI Shrek colors. It’s in that same family of slightly murkier greens that are still pretty. This is a very fiesta-y, margarita, lime sort of green. In the most random way of describing ever lol. Formula was pretty good, it was again on the opaque side, had a great glassy finish. This was 2 coats.
Neither of the Shrek colors were similar but not the same. Who the Shrek are you was darker and for sure not comparable to Did It On ‘Em but I did compare it to Fiercely Fiona.
OPI Did It On ‘Em / OPI Fiercely Fiona

Fiercely Fiona is much yellower. Like a pear Jelly Belly jellybean. Did It On ‘Em is a lot greener.

Save Me
Save Me was the color I was most excited for. In the promo photos, it was just a bar glitter. But when swatches started appearing, the polish was so much prettier!
It’s a got three different colors of bar glitter, blue, pink and gold. The bar glitter shines holographically. It’s suspended in a silver microglitter. It’s obviously meant to layer but I think it’s amazing on it’s own. There is really no bar glitter that I have that looks like it at all.
Metallic 4 Life
This is the other glitter in the collection. This is a black jelly wit lots of silver glitter. There are two different types of glitter, small and big hexagonal pieces. 
Unlike the other black and silver polishes I own, the jelly base and the different sized glitters make this very very unique.
OPI Metallic 4 Life / China Glaze Haunting / Fingersweets City Lights
Haunting is a much less sheer black base with silver microglitter. City Lights is also very opaque and much darker. There are also silver microglitters. 

Super Bass Shatter
The last color in the collection is a warm berry purple shimmer shatter polish. It’s what I’m assuming is the last of the shatter colors since that trend is on it’s way out. 
Formula wise, it does the same thing as all other crackle and shatter polishes. Color wise, it’s totally different than other purple crackles I’ve tried.
China Glaze Fault Line / Finger Paints Purple Crackle / OPI Super Bass Shatter
Fault Line is a darker and bluer purple. Purple Crackle is really just a purple, not leaning more blue or red, although it is bluer than Super Bass Shatter.

5 thoughts on “OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Swatches and Comparisons

  1. I loved Pink Friday! I always highlight my ring fingers by layering them with Save Me. This is the perfect bubblegum pink. I don't like pink clothest or shoes, but I love pink nails! Thanks for tryinb, but I will stick with the originals. I bought two other glitter polishes similar to Save Me, but was very disappointed. I do still like Sweet Dreams.


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