In my recent Maven Box, which I know I still have to post photos of, I got a bright red creme polish called January, and I decided it was the perfect time to get back into the nail polish comparisons that I had been doing previously. A good friend of mine on twitter, Radha, also asked if it were similar to any of the polishes I already had, so here we go!
January is a bright, very pigmented red creme. Perfect Mad Men like (which is why, I’m assuming, it’s called January, after January Jones) red. The Julep creme polish formulas are amazing and I’m always happy with how pigmented, smooth and gorgeous the colors are. They’re $14 each so it’s pricey, especially because it comes with less polish than a regular 15ml polish, but if you get them through the Julep Maven Boxes, then it definitely becomes worth it. 

As a comparison, I have some other brighter red cremes to show you. 2 from OPI, and one from Zoya. There is also a comparison of Essie and Zoya at the bottom.

OPI Color So Hot It Berns / OPI Comet Loves Cupid / Zoya Sooki
OPI’s Color So Hot It Berns is a bright, red creme. It is definitely a yellow toned (or warm toned) red. It’s very pigmented. It was originally released in the OPI  Swiss collection from last year, so it is still pretty easily accessible. 
OPI’s Comet Loves Cupid is from the holiday collection 2 years ago and is pretty much exactly the same color as Berns. It’s also got a very smooth, pigmented formula.
Zoya’s Sooki is from the summer’s Summertime collection. It is slightly darker, and slightly brighter than both the OPI colors. It’s very pigmented as well though. 
In comparison to all three of these colors, I’d say Julep’s January is closest to Sooki. 
OPI Color So Hot It Berns / OPI Comet Loves Cupid / Zoya Sooki

The other two polishes I have as comparisons for you are from Zoya and Essie.

Zoya Tamsen / Essie Red Nouveau
Zoya’s Tamsen is also from the Summertime collection. It’s a warm, tomato paste red color. It’s got this slight dustiness to it that makes it a little less clear compared to the first three polishes. It’s truly a creme, and can’t lean on a slight jelliness like a lot of red cremes do.

Essie’s Red Nouveau is from a collection last year. It’s also a bright, red tomato red creme. No jelly either. It’s slightly darker than Tamsen.
Both polishes are pigmented, although I think the Essie is a little bit more.

Zoya Tamsen / Essie Red Nouveau

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