I’m sorry I’ve been gone a little while… I’ve had finals and as always around this time of year, school > internet. But here I am, alive after like 5 straight days of math homework, and with a NOTW post.
This is “Pros & Bronze” by OPI, which came in the last Serena Williams Glam Slam Duo, for the US Open. It was released in the summer, and came with two polishes, a brighter pink shimmer and this one. Of the two, this was definitely the most buzzed about and there’s for sure a reason why.
Unlike the other duos, this one didn’t come with a “special effects” polish – shatter, 3-d holo glitter for example. 
“Pros & Bronze” is a sheer coppery orange shimmer base. It’s not a bright orange, but a more fall/pumpkin orange base. Mixed in are pieces of foily pink shimmer. Both shimmers reflect golden a little bit as well. The effect is an almost duochrome glassfleck shimmer polish. It’s stunning and really something you have to see in person.
I put on 3 coats of this polish with no base or top coat. Sorry for the messiness, I photographed it RIGHT after it dried, so it still hadn’t been cleaned up around the edges.

More photos below with different angles and flash.

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