This is probably one of the most beautiful polishes I own. OPI’s “My Private Jet” is a dark charcoal-brown with holographic shimmer in it. When it was first released, OPI had a fully holographic version of it, and I’ve seen photos and it’s stunning, but I personally find that this version is quite stunning as well, especially with flash. 
It’s pretty opaque, what I have on my nails is 2 coats with no base or top coat. I’ve been doing that recently, just for quickness sake.
The pictures were taken about 3 days after I applied, so the minor tip wear is pretty impressive considering I have no base or top coat on it. 
At the end are two blurry flash photos so you can really see the different colors that come out. 
OPI can be purchased at Ulta and beauty supply stores. I don’t know if this color is still easily find-able but I got it on an etailer. 

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