As I’ve been bathing (literally this time using baths) more often, I have another product review for you. This time it’s for the Fortune Cookie Soap bath melts that I purchased, in their Hot Chocolate scent.
On first impression the product is a very true to real life scent. It really does smell like the powder that hot chocolate comes in the form of. It’s got a great chocolate scent, with a slight bit of saltiness.
I’ve used 2, one used as I would a Lush bath melt, and one used the way they suggest on their site.
Lush bath melts I use by waiting until the bath is filled then I plop in the bath melt and let it melt away and release a lot of moisturizers and good scent. This is what I did the first time with the Hot Chocolate bath melt, and it didn’t work that great. Their bath melts fizz a little bit, not as much as you’d see in a bath bomb, but it bubbles just a little bit, which is I guess just how it dissolves in water. It doesn’t melt in the sense that hot water makes it soft. I think any water would really just dissolve it regardless of the temperature. The scent definitely translated into the water, as it smelled amazing. The problem with just letting it melt in the hot water was that it definitely didn’t incorporate itself into the water as much as I would have liked. The brown oil would settle on the sides of the bath, and the particles would float around in the water which, because it’s brown, just made the bath look dirty. After that use, I was definitely kind of disappointed. Especially because I was so relaxed in the water, but I noticed there was not only residue lines on my skin but that I had to clean the bath tub after use. Going from relaxed to “cleaning mode” is never easy.
I then looked up how they actually recommend how to use their products because a lot of time it makes a HUGE difference as to how the product performs. Sure enough it vastly improved my bath experience. Fortune Cookie Soap recommends you put half or a whole melt into the running water as opposed to after the bath has filled. That definitely helped the bath melt incorporate fully into the water. There was still a little bit of gathering at the sides of my tub but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. My bath was definitely much more enjoyable than the first time around. It definitely became something I recommend using, after figuring out how to use the product correctly.
In the package, there comes 3 bath melts in the shape of hearts. A pack of 3 is $11.25 and can be purchased on the Fortune Cookie Soap website.

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