Wow! Totally realized that this wasn’t posted with my haul video that this was included in so here it is today lol. Zoya released their winter/holiday collection, Gems & Jewels, (the first of 2 actually) about a month ago and it included three metallics and three glitters that all coincided with each other. The metallics weren’t that exciting in my opinion – the colors, a magenta, bright blue and green, were not colors that I was overjoyed about (although I did get a sample of the green one in my Birchbox) and I’m not a huge fan of those colors in that metallic finish. The exciting part of this haul was the glitters that coincided with each of those color. 
Zoya’s Gems & Jewels collection’s glitters made the name fit perfectly with the collection because the three of them are all very beautiful, glitzy and totally unique. 
The 4th polish I got has nothing to do with the Gems & Jewels collection but I was in search of a good silver foil, and now that I look at them together more closely, they totally could work wonderfully together.
Zoya polishes can be purchased on their website as well as at Ulta. They retail for $8 each.


Kissy is a bright magenta pink microglitter with holographic bar glitter mixed into it all in a clear base. There’s a blurry photo of the bottle just so you can see the brightness of the holographic glitter and that it doesn’t just disappear like a lot of bar glitter tends to do.
It builds ok on it’s own but I would definitely use this as a layering color more than on it’s own.


Twila is a bright bright blue microglitter with green and blue bar glitter in a clear base. The bar glitter doesn’t pop out as much on this one. The bar glitter is actually kind of hard to see since the blue microglitter is so bright.
This one builds really well and could definitely be used on it’s own.


Rina is a bright grass green microglitter with green and blue bar glitter in a clear base. Again, since the bar glitter isn’t holographic it doesn’t pop out as much as it does in Kissy.
This one doesn’t build as well as Twila and definitely is a color I would use to layer more than use it on it’s own.

Trixie is a very very reflective foil. The black spot you see in the middle of the swatch is actually my camera. It’s pretty opaque – 2 coats is enough for a really good bold silver foil.
I’m totally planning on using this as a base coat and layering those glitters on top (as well as the other glitters I’ve accumulated in the past month). Shall be fun for the winter 🙂

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