Holy drugstore haul Batman! Here’s this month’s drugstore haul, which is much more massive than last months, mainly because of the super sought after Revlon Lip Butters that suddenly emerged and became all the rage online.
Along with that, I sort of went Revlon lip product crazy and picked up a few of those. I then saw the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes and grabbed those. And somehow along the way I ended up with blushes, and holiday items.
The majority of these items will be available very easily at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, or stores like Target and Walmart that sell drugstore cosmetics. A lot of these products are also permanent, so even if you can’t find them all now, they will eventually be readily available to you. 
More photos and swatches after the jump!

Revlon Lip Butters
We might as well just start with the most hyped up product in this haul lol. The Revlon Lip Butters are a new product that are ultra moisturizing, give off a slight sheen and have an amazing amount of pigment for being a lip balm sort of product. 
Revlon released 24 colors in their line of lip butters, so there’s really a color for everybody – every skin tone, every preference. They range from light pinks and really light nudes, to medium pinks, bright pinks, reds, dark reds, and even dark sultry browns. 

What happened with the lip butters was, Amarixe had a video of them and that initially sparked my total need to hoard them (yes, hoard). I went and got a couple the day I saw the video, and LOVED them. Then I went and got more. And more. AND MORE. And I ended up with 14 of them. 14! I don’t do that at the drugstore! I only do that with nail polish (ha)!
That’s how amazing they are. I actually originally got 10, then I went to a CVS in a different town and found more that I didn’t have and tacked on 4 more to my overall tally.

The lip butters come in slightly transparent plastic covered tubes. The covering has the same argyle quilting that the Revlon lip gloss and lipsticks come with. The lip butter itself is twist up.
The best part about the packaging though is the clear bit on top. People are all “yay you can see the actual color on the inside!” but no, I don’t care about that. I care about the fact that you can see into it and see if anybody has touched it or not. That’s the biggest problem I have with drugstore items, and why I don’t get a lot of things from the drugstore, because without a doubt, unless it’s completely tamperproof, products will ALWAYS be touched. I’ve even seen nail polish remover bottles that have been used, being sold on the shelf. Like really? I’ve only gotten 2 lipsticks from the drugstore that haven’t been previously used. It’s disgusting and NEEDS TO STOP. IF YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT GOES AND TOUCHES THE LIPSTICK? STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW.
Anyways, the lip butters come with packaging which make it easy to not buy a previously disturbed product, which is almost my favorite part of the product. 
These 4 are the last 4 I purchased, thus they’re not photographed with the rest of them. From left to right, they’re Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, Tutti Frutti and Candy Apple.
Berry Smoothie is a pink berry pink with a slight hint of brown. 
Pink Truffle is a my lips but better color – neutral brown with a hint of pink. 
Tutti Frutti is a bright orange that goes on on the coral side of orange (so not too bright and unwearable). 
Candy Apple is a warm red, with slight orange undertones to it. 
The next five, again from left to right, are Creme Brulee, Peach Parfait, Sugar Frosting, Cupcake and Strawberry Shortcake (these are also the top row of lip butters from the very first photo). 
Creme Brulee is a darker nude with a slight frost to it. It’s not too light and doesn’t nude out my lips. It definitely tints my lips nude but doesn’t make me look like I died. it’s become my go-to nude lip product.
Peach Parfait is a warm pink with gold shimmer in it. It’s one of the only ones that has shimmer in it. 
Sugar Frosting is a very light pink with frost. It’s on the more nude side, but is still a pink. 
Cupcake is a light baby pink with blue undertones that aren’t too overwhelming so it doesn’t become unwearable for some skintones.
Strawberry Shortcake is a bright pink with warm undertones.
The last five are Sweet Tart, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Cherry Tart and Red Velvet.
Sweet Tart is a darker, slightly red pink. Very bright, definitely a color I’m going to reach for in the springtime.
Lollipop is a more magenta pink. Extremely bright and pigmented.
Raspberry Pie is a darker, more red version of Lollipop. 
Cherry Tart is a bright red with less orange than Candy Apple.
Red Velvet is a very pigmented, deep red color. Great for winter, especially for light to medium skintones.

Again, there are colors that I didn’t purchase that range in the brown tones that will be great for darker skin tones.
All of these apply very smoothly, and creamily. It goes on with a slight sheen and last about 3 to 4 hours. They’re not supposed to last that long as they’re lip balms.

Milani Baked Blushes

These I purchased (finally) on drugstore.com as my CVS does not carry them. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, since Eshani kept telling me I had to purchase them. They’re baked blushes, along the same idea as Mac’s MSF and Baked Blushes. They’re domed and come with veining that has a different color than the actual base color of the blush.
The three that I got are all pretty pigmented, stay on for an average 6 hours and go on pretty true to what you see in the pan. The product isn’t very hard, as most baked products aren’t, and is very blendeble.

Dolce Pink

Dolce Pink is a gentle, very girly pink with a soft gold sheen to it. The gold sheen looks a little bright in photos but when you apply it, it definitely doesn’t go on that shiny.

The closest product to Mac’s Stereo Rose that I’ve seen. It’s a warm pink with a peachy apricot sheen. 
Corallina is a darker, orangier pink. There’s a slight gold sparkle in it but it doesn’t really show up. 
Maybelline Fit Me Blush – Medium Pink
Since I liked my other Maybelline blush, I decided to get another, in Medium Pink, which is the color that MissGlamorazzi talked about being very similar to her beloved Jouer blush in Blossom. I haven’t worn it yet.
The color is a medium, warm toned pink.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – 477 Black Cherry
So this was purely a recommendation by Radha (who is @radha_20 on twitter), one of my best beauty girls on twitter. I LOVE her. We (including Eshani) talk about makeup everyday. EVERYDAY. ‘Tis fun.
She recommended I pick up Black Cherry because she (like everybody else haha) noticed I had been on a lipstick kick and said I’d love the color. I do. 
It’s a dark vampy red wine color. Very similar to the Venomous Villains lipstick I wear a lot. The texture was very creamy and also very pigmented.
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

Continuing with my Revlon lip haul I bought two of their Colorburst Lipglosses as well. I’ve heard great things about them so I thought I’d give them a try.
They come in elongated squared tubes with the same quilted pattern on the cap. The applicators are doe-footed. They sort of have a smell to them (mine aren’t that scented) which are on the fruity side.


Strawberry is a bright reddish pink with a slight silver shimmer. It’s very pigmented.


Cheer is part of their Holiday collection. It’s a bright magenta with a tad hint of red with a very very slight shimmer to it. It’s not as pigmented as Strawberry, and bleeds just a little bit.


Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain – Passion / Twilight
The last Revlon lip product I purchased was 2 of the lip stains. I’ve tried the Cover Girl lip stains and enjoyed them quite a bit so I decided to try the Revlon ones because they had such rave reviews as well, especially compared to the Cover Girl versions.
I have yet to actually wear and try them out. I’m curious to see how the balm helps (or hinders) the over all staying power of the lip stains. 
The two colors I got are Passion, which is a bright pink, and Twilight, which is a darker wine color.
Snowman Nail Polish

Every year Rite Aid sells these Showman (and Jackolantern) polishes that are unnamed, and made by the Blue Cross Beauty company. I went on the hunt for these right on november 1st because they’re so hard to find in my town.
The quality really isn’t that bad and you only pay $1.99 each. Besides… they’re so cute!

This one is a rainbow glitter, along the same color pattern theme as OPI’s Rainbow Connection and all those new glitters packed with different colors.
It’s all square glitter, so it really looks like confetti glitter that you’d buy for a child’s birthday party.

This is a Christmas glitter, hexagonal and on the small side. This one was pretty difficult to apply since the brush so bad, but the glitter is fun and festive, so it was kind of worth it.

This one is a green foil with small silver shimmer bits. It’s very opaque and applied like a dream.

The last one I got is a green and silver glitter, very densely packed.

The second most exciting thing for me are these – the new Sally Hansen holiday collection called Gem Crush. I’m actually just assuming it’s holiday, since they just came out and had their own little display that was silver. They could very well be permanent, but I really don’t know.
They have 7 or 8 colors, I picked up 4 of them. The texture and look of these are very very similar to the new China Glaze Eye Candy Collection which I have a post of already.
They’re very multi-dimensional and very dense glitters.
Other colors in the collection include a red, and a magenta and a few others I just don’t remember. 

Razzle Dazzle

This is a pale pink microglitter with lots of bigger, but still small, silver glitter packed into it. This is not a dupe for the China Glaze Eye Candy pink glitter.

Showgirl Chic

Bright silver with blue glitter. This one is almost the same as the China Glaze silver but has blue instead of teal glitter. Which is such a minor detail.

Glitz Gal

Graphite glitter with holographic silver glitter. Very very very similar to the China Glaze (but I can’t compare it a dupe because I don’t have it). It’s slightly cooler in tone than the Nails Inc Sloane Square which is their graphite “3D” glitter.

Big Money
Pale gold, almost a metallic brown, with purple glitter. This was an unexpected love. The combination is very unusual. The gold glitter in the China Glaze collection is nothing like this (and nothing special in my opinion).

The last random collection of things I have to show you are some fall releases and one holiday release from Revlon and Essie. These were random buys but again inspired by Amarixe and MissGlamorazzi. They seem to have really amazing taste lately – there are some times when I go “really?” but lately they’ve been picking things that appeal to me.

Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel – Mistletoe

I’ve not tried the Revlon Fast Dry nail polishes, and this was the only color from their Holiday release that interested me.
It’s a very dark inky blue base with gold and green shimmer to make it seem like a very dark green/olive/gold shimmer. It’s similar to Zoya’s Edyta but not the same. It’s pretty opaque and dries relatively quickly.

Revlon Metallic Nail Enamel – Copper Penny
This was a color that both Amarixe and MissGlamorazzi purchased and it looked amazing on both of them so I caved and FINALLY found it and decided to get it while I could. I could not find it for the longest time. 
As you can see, it’s spectacularly pigmented and it applies smoothly. It’s also the exact color of a new penny. Very pretty.
Essie Lady Like
This was part of the fall release and is a mauve creme. This was another MissGlamorazzi inspired color. It applies amazingly and is very pigmented as well. It also has a very reflective natural shine to it. You can see my camera in the swatch. 
I did a NOTW post of this and paired it with Sally Hansen’s Razzle Dazzler. It made a very feminine pairing. 

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