As I mentioned in my video, Essie used to be the most boring brand alive when it came to color selection. They had probably 20 baby pinks to choose from. A few bright reds. Some other colors. And then they started to change their collections – pinks, blues, pastels that weren’t pink. Then BAM. GLITTER. What?? What happened Essie??
This year’s holiday collection is 5 colors (Essie’s collections are never bigger than 5 or 6 colors) all a different form (or shade since 2 are the same texture) of glitter.
Again, I have to say I’ve never been so satisfied with almost every fall/winter release of nail polishes since I’ve started tracking collections. Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Revlon even… all of them. I’m very pleased.
Essie Polishes retail between $8 and $9 (even $10 I’ve heard) depending where you buy them. They’re available in CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Ulta and other beauty retailers.

A Cut Above
Dusty pink microglitter, as well as chunky glitter, in a clear base. Very dense. Applies pretty nicely. Dries shiny, not dull. I love it. It’s fantastic. It’s like the pink version of Deborah Lippmann’s Some Enchanted Evening (which is a salmon, and one that I desperately want). 
Below, there’s 3 coats with no top coat. I’ve swatched all of these over black as well (just one coat).
Set In Stones

Silver version of the previous color. Not at all like Sephora by OPI’s Are You Glistenin’ or OPI’s Crown Me Already, which have a very foily silver base instead of a clear base with silver microglitter. This one is very reflective though and very blingy.

Pure Pearlfection

This one ended up being the standout color for me. It looks like a shimmery white silver super fine glitter… almost like a frosty, crystally sheer snow at first glance. Or like crushed pearls.
But when you look really closely, there’s this delicate pink and teal reflect to it, the same way that Mac’s Reflects Teal glitter has, just not as obvious. I really only noticed it when I saw the polish in different lighting (as opposed to daylight). It definitely isn’t super obvious but when you finally see it it’s very fairy like… delicate, and magical.
Below are swatches of it on it’s own and over black in regular day light:

Next are photos in different lighting, and the teal and pink definitely pick up. I suggest clicking on the photos and enlarging them to really see it. It’s very pretty and so unique!

Shine Of The Times

This is probably the one everybody was most excited for… it’s a flakie! The size of the flakes are much smaller than that of what you’d see in an Nfu Oh polish. It’s smaller and also more densely packed into the polish.
The colors it reflects are very opal like. As in the stone (one of my favorite stones). There’s that firey orange and gold, then the green and blue. It’s gorgeous.
My favorite thing to do with a flakie is layer over black, then mattify it. Which I didn’t do on this post. Just to get a sense of how dense the polish is, the swatch over black is just one coat:

As Gold As It Gets

This one is a very fine glass fleck gold in a slightly gold slightly clear base. I’ve heard that it’s similar in finish to the CND Effects polishes (which I have zero of). If it is, then I will definitely be checking those out.
The gold is a nice warm holiday gold – not too warm or cool. I think it looks rather awesome over black.

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