Mmmmmm. Glitterrrrrrrrrrrrr. I, again, am so shocked and so pleased with how much I’ve been loving all the new collections from the nail polish companies this season. Last year, yes, I loved them, but this year, it’s a whole new level of awesome. As somebody that loves glitter, all these glitter released have been fantastical.
China Glaze’s Eye Candy collection is their second collection for this holiday season. All of these polishes are meant to be “3D glitters”, which mean, all of the glitters have multiple components to them making them look “3D” in a way. This collection was inspired (or themed off of) by Marilyn Monroe.
There are originally 6 colors in this collection, and I purchased 4. The other 2 were the gold and the graphite color and I just wasn’t interested in the gold and the graphite color has been done in other brands before so I just skipped it.
The 4 I did purchase were Love Marilyn, Material Girl, Marry A Millionaire, and Lorelei’s Tiara.
Just as a little “Just So You Know” type thing: there are a lot of companies that are releasing similar polishes in response to all these multi-glitters by OPI, China Glaze and other big brands. Sally Hansen just released their Gem Crush collection and then Nails Inc. which you can buy at Sephora also have their own line of “3d Glitters”, and I’m sure they’re going to be seen in other companies soon as well. I’ve included comparisons of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush collections in this post, to show you that you don’t have to go far to get the same effect of nail polish.
These can be found at Sallys, Ulta as well as online at various etailers and can be purchased for $3 to $6 depending on where you get them from.

Love Marilyn

Love Marilyn is a very classic red microglitter with bigger pieces of silver glitter mixed in. Like a bunch of crushed rubies and diamonds. Gorgeous and applies very easily. Above is a swatch of 3 coats with no top coat. Great holiday color. It’s not similar to any of the other red glitters released by OPI or China Glaze either.
It’s got a very similar (not sure if it’s a dupe) counterpart from the Sally Hansen Gem Crush collection, which I’ve been able to very easily find at all the CVS’ I’ve gone to.

Material Girl
Material Girl is a dusty pale pink in microglitter form with bigger pieces of the same colored glitter. The thing about the bigger pieces is that they’re holographic in a sense… not a full rainbow like silver holographic glitter, but it ranges from red to blue and is very interesting. Definitely makes it a very unique factor of this polish. 
Just to compare, below are the swatches of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish in Razzle Dazzler. Razzle Dazzler is a slightly lighter shade of pink, with no holographic glitter, just the slightly bigger silver glitter along the same texture as Love Marilyn.
Marry A Millionaire
Probably the most unique, as well as most complicated, polish of the bunch, Marry A Millionaire is a blueish purple microglitter with tons of green and gold and possibly blue bar glitter mixed in. I say possibly because there’s so much packed in there that it’s really kind of hard to tell. It’s almost like the bar glitter transitions from gold to green to blue depending on what angle you see the bar glitter.
It’s complexity makes it super unique though. Based off of promo pics, other people’s pics from CosmoProf and other people’s swatches, this was for sure the color that had me most excited. It’s for sure the only color I don’t have a dupe of either. Stunning!

Lorelei’s Tiara
This is the closest polish to it’s Sally Hansen counterpart. Lorelei’s Tiara is a very finely milled silver microglitter with bigger teal pieces mixed in. Sally Hansen’s Showgirl Chic is the same silver just with darker blue glitter. 
Formula wise, both are pretty much the same. I just really can’t stand the Sally Hansen brushes which are short, horizontally fat, but very flat and the edge is curved so nothing goes on smoothly and without dragging. D:<
Sally Hansen Gem Crush Glitz Gal

I’m including both this and Nails Inc’s Sloane Square (below) because they’re very similar to the China Glaze Eye Candy color Some Like It Haute. It’s a graphite microglitter with holo glitter mixed in. I’m going to assume it’s either a dead on dupe of one of these, or right in between one of these as judging from other people’s photos I’ve seen.

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