The one product I immediately looked up when I had heard the Lush Holiday items were up, was So White. Last year, I purchased my first So White product, a bath bomb, and then got the perfume, because I was so in love with the scent. So White is the perfect apple scent – no artificial sweetness to it, there’s a slight tartness, and it is very very fresh.
Here’s what Lush has to say about it:


Simon worked hard to create the perfect apple fragrance – there is no such thing as real apple essential oil, you see. A blend of bergamot oil, neroli oil and orange flower absolute create a sweet, crisp scent. He added a hint of romantic and fragrant rose absolute to care for sensitive winter skin. So White is the fairest in all the lands, with grated Bubble Bar mixture to create a frothy, snowy white blanket on the water. And we bathed happily ever after. “

When it comes to Lush’s bath bombs, I’d say they’re fairly priced with all other companies that make bath bombs. Belle Ame’s bath bombs are the same size and the same price.
This particular bath bomb fizzes quite slowly compared to others I’ve tried. It goes for about 5 mins. On average, I’ve found most bath bombs go for about 3.
Since this product is white, it doesn’t dye the bath a different color, like many of the colored Lush products do. It does froth up a bit though and give you the slightest hint of a bubble, compared to other bath bombs.
The scent is fantastic though. Again, it’s a pure apple scent, and definitely lingers in the water and on the skin for a full day/night depending on when you take your bath.
This is another holiday product from Lush that I would continue to purchase as long as Lush continues to make them. The scent alone is good for that, but the fact that it’s only $5 is great. For those of you that can’t spend too much on things, going to Lush and picking up a simple $5 product just for one night is perfect. Or, ordering like five or six of these would still leave you under $50 when you add in tax and shipping and you’d be set for five or six baths.

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