A couple of weeks ago Nordstrom was having (and could possibly still be having) a sale on the small sized Philosophy Shower Gels in their holiday scents. Being a sucker for sales (It was 3 for $15 and 6 for $20) and bath products (and Temptalia since she tweeted about it) I went ahead and purchased 6 of them.
I’ve never really ventured into Philosophy’s line. I had a lot of samples of their Purity face wash and didn’t particularly hate it or love it so I never really had an opinion on their line. I knew they had a lot of yummy scented things – lipglosses, shower gels (which also multitask as shampoo and bubble bath), lotions. Then Sephora’s birthday gift for this year was a 6 oz Birthday Cake scented shower gel and I was pretty sold on their line of shower gels.
The consistency of the gel is pretty thick… some shampoos can be fairly runny and this is not how the Philosophy gels are. They lather pretty well, not overly bubbly, but not completely tame like sulfate free shampoos can be. I’ve not used it yet as a bubble bath so I can’t tell you how it fares that way, but as a shampoo and shower gel they’re pretty mild; no over cleaning, but the hair and skin is left clean, moisturized and scented fairly well, lasting a few hours.
The 5 scents I got were Vanilla Birthday Cake (which I purchased 2 of because I was such a fan of the Sephora gift I got, and I don’t believe it’s in their regular line), Christmas Cookie, Fresh Vanilla Frost, Peppermint Bark, and Raspberry Sorbet.
Each 6 fl. Oz. bottle is about the height of my palm and about 2.5 inches in diameter. On the front of certain bottles (at least for the holiday scents) there are recipes for each of the scents so if you suddenly want to bake Christmas Cookies, you can do so with the easy recipe provided on the bottle. I thought that was super cute, and will probably try them asap!
Philosophy also makes each of these scents in a bigger size, but those weren’t on sale at Nordstrom. Philosophy can be purchased at beauty retailers such as Sephora and Ulta, as well as department stores like Nordstrom.
More photos and scent descriptions are after the jump!

Vanilla Birthday Cake
Vanilla Birthday Cake is a very much just a straight vanilla cake batter scent. The vanilla is evident when you first smell it, but then there are undertones of butter and that slight heaviness that bakery scents always have. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch I bought, which is probably pretty predictable because I tend to lean towards bakery scents, especially cake scents. It’s not an overwhelming scent though. It’s got a slight delicate side to it, which doesn’t make it smell too artificial or heavy, especially when you use it on your skin. If anything, it smelled very comforting.

Christmas Cookie is a buttery version of Vanilla Birthday Cake. It has a vanilla base to it as well, but the butter and the slight nuttiness to it makes it more cookie like instead of cake like.

Christmas Cookie
Christmas Cookie is a buttery version of Vanilla Birthday Cake. It has a vanilla base to it as well, but the butter and the slight nuttiness to it makes it more cookie like instead of cake like.

Fresh Vanilla Frost
Fresh Vanilla Frost is a super sweet vanilla scent. The sugary notes to it are much more obvious than in Birthday Cake and Christmas Cookie, which would be safe to assume it would have because it’s called Fresh Vanilla Frost.
Peppermint Bark
Peppermint Bark is pretty accurately named as it really does just smell like a nice balance of chocolate and peppermint. Some companies have peppermint bark scents that are either way too minty or not minty enough. I think Philosophy’s version is my favorite so far since it really does smell like when you open a new box of peppermint bark. This one I’m excited to use as a bubble bath, especially near Christmas.
Raspberry Sorbet
Raspberry Sorbet is really the only non-bakery type scent that I got. It’s pretty fruity, with a slight hint of creaminess underneath it. I’m probably going to save this one for the months closer to spring because of the freshness the raspberries bring to the scent. The raspberries are not a candied raspberry scent either, it’s fresh and almost smoothie like.

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