I don’t think I’ve ever done a video or post talking about my favorite makeup removers – I’ve always talked about them individually, here and there, and have mentioned pros and cons of them but I’ve never really sat and talked about them. So, I took the opportunity to break up all these hauls I’ve had and have made a post just dedicated to makeup removers.

This may seem slightly silly to some people – this is a makeup and nail polish blog, but for me, a big part of makeup is definitely caring for your skin and removing makeup completely and correctly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my friends sleep with makeup and complain about their skin, and honestly whenever the night comes where I sleep with my makeup because I’m just too too exhausted to take my makeup off, I know my skin will be negatively affected by it for about a week. Not only that, the makeup then gets rubbed off onto my pillowcases and I have to wash them or else that too will negatively affect my skin.
My favorite way to remove makeup definitely has to be the ever-popular wipe, that basically every brand makes. I happen to favor the Neutrogena, and specifically their night calming wipe the most. Mac, Ponds and other brands make wipes as well. I find that it’s convenient to use since the wipe already comes with remover, they’re soft, and you don’t have to open bottles and bags and all that. The quicker I can get to bed after a long day, the better and the wipes definitely help with that.
I have tried other forms of remover, like cleansing oils and I found that I only really use those when I have a heavier eye makeup, or I use a lot of water proof products so I don’t tug on my eye area too much.
More info is after the jump!

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes
Neutrogena makes 3 different makeup wipes, their original formula (blue packaging), a hydrating formula (turquoise) and their Night Calming formula (purple, shown above). When it comes to purely removing makeup, they all do the same thing. The formula doesn’t really matter for those. I have found that the hydrating formula is a little to hydrating for me, and that I get an increase of millia around my eyes (those little white bumps). The scent is slightly fruitier as well. The original and night calming for me just come down to scent, as they both work the same for me. Night calming is slightly more lavender scented than the original.

When it comes to simply just removing all the products on the surface of the skin and eyes, one wipe will definitely do that. I do find though that cleansing afterwards is imperative as there are still traces of product on the skin. Wipes remove everything on the surface, but a cleanser is definitely needed to really clean the skin.
I’ve tried Ponds’ wipes, and I didn’t like the scent or texture of the wipes as much as Neutrogena’s. Ponds’ were a little bit more rough as they had a waffle-weave like texture to them.
Quo’s wipes, which I mention briefly in the video were almost the same texture as Neutrogena’s, but slightly mixed with Ponds’. They didn’t really have a scent to them, and definitely removed makeup very efficiently. If I had access to them, they would definitely be on the re-purchase list.

Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup Remover / Neutrogena Makeup Remover

Both Lancome and Neutrogena make oil/solution removers where you mix them and remove stubborn makeup off your face. I usually use this when I have a heavy amount of eye makeup on, or a lot of waterproof makeup on.
Personally, I don’t think the Lancome is worth any of the money I paid for it, especially because the Neutrogena one comes with more product, works just as well and the packaging is so much better. The Lancome one just drips everywhere. Extra oil just disappears because when you go to put the bottle back to a vertical position, the product just drips out. It’s stupid.
The Neutrogena one doesn’t do that and again, it’s just as good of a product and thus, it’s so much more worth it.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier
This is a pure oil cleanser. Mac also makes one, called Cleanse Off Oil. What I do for this is again, when I have a lot of makeup on, I use this before my daily face wash and it removes the makeup without being too harsh. After wetting the face, massaging the oil into the skin makes a nice milky texture and leaves the face very fresh feeling.
Hopefully I can find one from a different brand that is just as gentle and soothing as this one was, and isn’t too oily. 
Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent

This one I’ve been using for a while, since my mom had gotten these samples in her Clinique bags forever. These are gentle, and not oil based. I just use a cotton ball and soak it on the eye for a little, then rinse off with warm water. It’s effective and nice and fairly priced since Clinique tends to be on the inexpensive side for department store products.

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