I’m very excited to share with you all my first Fortune Cookie Soap haul. This is a company I’ve had my eye on for almost 2 years now, ever since SayAnythingBrooke (who’s like my go to Lush, CBV, Nail Polish, and other bath product recommendation person) did her first video of it. The cuteness and originality of everything caught me and instantly had me hooked.
Since I’ve seen other videos, I’ve added more and more items to my wishlist and finally took the plunge and purchased a good haul of things.
I haven’t used the majority of these products yet, and the few that I have, I’ll have written posts of soon so this post is mostly going to describe scents.
Everything can be purchased on their website, which you can get to here. Enjoy!

Fortune Cookie Soap – Santa’s Cookies

This is one of their products that they’re (obviously) most well-known for, their fortune cookie shaped soaps. It’s about the length of my palm. The formula is pretty creamy (it was melting in my hands as I took it out to photograph). The shape I must say is slightly awkward to use when washing your hands but w/e… it’s so cute!
Santa’s Cookies is a very buttery and nutty scent. Not the typical “butter cookie” like scent you’d expect. Definitely along the lines of most bakery themed scents, just more on the nutty side. It might even be oatmeal like… perhaps that’s what those brown spots in the soap are? I don’t know. It’s comforting and creamy (in both scent and texture) and sweet.

Milk Bath – Cupcake
I have a few other cupcake scented things, like the lip balm, but I put that away before I photographed it, so I included a photo of this product which I also bought in their cupcake scent.
Milk Bath is just a bag of ultra moisturizing bath salts. The bag is quite big actually and seems like it would last a fairly long time.
Their cupcake scent is very sweet, and leans more on the frosting side. There are obvious undertones of cake in there – with the butter and the cake (like… heavier smell of dough you’d get in an actual cake) but the frosting is the most obvious thing you’d smell. It’s a nice blend of smells to create something very sweet and very cute. 

Bubbling Bath Crystals – Cupcake, Twisted Peppermint
This product I purchased because I was intrigued with the idea of what it was. I had never seen a bubbling bath salt before and HAD to get it after I saw it on Brooke’s channel.
Twisted Peppermint is a very sweet mint scent. Not much else to it. Like a candy cane. 

Bath Melts – Lavender Life Coach
Their bath melts come in packs of 3, which I like because a lot of times I get Lush Bath Melts and am kind of sad when I use one up and I have no more lol.
Lavender Life Coach is very much just pure lavender. There’s a slight… soapy smell to it as in it’s a clean lavender than an earthy lavender. Nothing offensive though. These I bought for my mom and she loves them. 

Bath Fizzy – Strawberry Fields
First off, this block of bath fizz makes it so much easier to use this in multiple baths. With round bath fizz products, it’s so much harder to split things up!
Strawberry Fields is a candied strawberry with some creaminess to it. Very cute again and girly. Not as fresh as a lot of strawberry scents can be. This is perfect for a bath though.

Bath Melts – Hot Chocolate
This I purchased because I could just smell it after I read it on the website. When it came, and I opened it, it was exactly as I had hoped it to be. It smells the way hot chocolate powder does inside the little packet right when you open it. It instantly took me back to when I was little and made me want to go make a good mug of thick, creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Cake Batter Gelato Bath Bomb
Look at how YUMMY THAT LOOKS. JUST LOOK. It looks like a scoop of ice cream. Like legitimately. With sprinkles. And a spoon. I still can’t get over it. I probably never will haha.
The Cake Batter scent is again like the cupcake scent, a combination of what cake batter smells like with frosting in it as well. 
To be honest, I’ll probably save this as long as possible so I can keep it as decoration. It’ so cute!

Unicorn Farts Bubble Bar

Unicorn Farts smell like candy, flowers, and magic. Not really on the magic part, but the candy and flowers, yes. Candy more like cotton candy than like… fruit candy.
I LOVE how huge this bubble bar is though. It’s ginormous. Like really, it will last forever.

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