If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in a very foily, warm, November-y mood lately when it comes to nail color. The most recent color to satisfy this need of being festive for late-fall, I’ve chosen OPI’s “Rising Star” from last year’s Burlesque collection, which was for winter 2010.
“Rising Star” is a warm, rich pumpkin pie brown color in a foily shimmer finish. It’s pretty much the epitome of fall color to me. It’s that color you’d see on most fall themed decorations for homes, the color of the leaves right before they start to really go brown. The color of desserts and foods you’d eat right around American Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much perfect.
The formula is on the thin side, as with this sort of finish of nail polish. The foil/glass fleck shimmer formulas tend to be on the thin side. That doesn’t mean the polish isn’t pigmented though. One coat definitely gives a good amount of color to the nail. 2 coats has the polish pretty much opaque. 3 isn’t necessary, but if you like the safety of 3 coats, it’s not impossible since it doesn’t go on thick on the nail.
“Rising Star” was originally released with the Burlesque collection last year, but it’s still pretty easily found in stores that sell OPI as well as on etailers. OPI retails for between $8-9.

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