Lush reviews aren’t something I do often – for some reason I can’t remember to photograph things before I use them, or I end up using the products and forget to note things I’d like to put in a post. I have vowed to do better with this though, and it starts today haha.
Snowcake Soap is an extremely creamy, strongly almond scented soap which was released with their holiday line this year. This is what Lush has to say about it:

“Smitten with Almonds? You’re Not the Only Ones…

For the softest, creamiest, most luxurious suds imaginable, grab a great big slice of Snowcake and float away on a cloud of almond marzipan and rose absolute. Snowcake smells exactly like our Smitten hand cream, and is an all time holiday favourite among staff and customers alike. It softens and cleans your body and scents it with a long-lasting almond fragrance.”

It is definitely one of the softest and creamiest soaps I’ve used, from any bath company. It literally melts in your hand, even before you start using it. When using it, it feels very moisturizing, and quite truthfully luxurious. Just make sure you store it away from your shower so it doesn’t just disintegrate away while you’re showering – it’s that soft.
As I mentioned, it is almond scented – a creamy almond, very much like the almond past you’d get inside of a croissant. The scent lingers on the skin for about half the day after use, depending on what you’re doing. If you work at a pool like I do, then it won’t last that long before the smell of chlorine takes over. About an hour I’d say.
It’s not an overwhelming almond scent either. My mother, who isn’t big on scented things, especially creamy, bakery scents (which is really too bad because that’s all I get from bath stores haha), totally loved it and was impressed by the soap itself.
Lush lists other ingredients like Rose Absolute and Cassie Absolute, but I can’t smell those at all in the soap.
I for sure recommend this soap to anybody that’s looking for a very comforting and very wintery scent from Lush. It’s probably something I will continue to purchase every holiday if they continue to release them, and am glad to have purchased it.

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