As it’s November, I’ve started reaching for my rich colors as well as foil textures. This is one of my newer purchases (which will be featured in a drugstore haul soon). 
Revlon’s “Copper Penny” was a new fall release I believe. It was actually really hard for me to find. I had seen it first on Amarixe’s blog about a month and a half ago, then MissGlamorazzi about 3 weeks ago. And for some reason I had no interest in it until like a week ago. I had a sudden lemming for it. It was weird.
Regardless, it was sort of hard for me to find – 3 trips to different drugstores and I finally found the last one at CVS.
“Copper Penny” is a new penny copper foil. The copper is definitely clearly evident although it is mixed with a silver foil to give it that slightly frosted look. It’s incredibly opaque. What I have on my nails is just two coats of the polish without any base or top coats. 
The polish glided onto my nails very smoothly and dried pretty quickly after first coat. The second coat really made the color opaque and dried to a pretty nice finish. Not really shiny but not dull in that it absolutely needed a top coat.
It’s definitely a color outside of my comfort zone. I don’t pull towards coppers and browns and rusty colors very often. Even in the fall, I like the murky purples or greens instead of full on browns. I do like this color though. 
Revlon is available at drugstores and polishes retail for between $5 and $8. It’s best to find a sale opportunity (buy one get one half off for example) and get a tone of drugstore polishes, which is what I tend to do. You can also get these products at Ulta, which have sales often ($3.50 off $10 or 20% off for example). 

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