So given that today was the second day of the Sephora VIB sale, my mind is already racing to a week ahead where I get to indulge in those goodies when they come. I did realize that I have yet to share photos of the last haul though, so here are those, finally up a week later!
I didn’t realize it until I opened everything but this was a pretty polish heavy haul. The main ones I had wanted to try were the Nails Inc. Magnetic Polishes, and then some of their regular line polishes. I then was browsing and found the Sephora by OPI Holiday set and was totally sucked into that.
Aside from those, I got a lot of back ups of products – foundations and Clinique stuff. Then I wanted to try out some new items so I picked up a mascara, dry shampoo and blush.

I got a backup of both the HD and Mat Velvet + foundations from Make Up For Ever. They’re very much my two favorite foundations so I wanted to get backups while I had 20% off.
The rest of this post has info for the rest of the new products I got from this haul.

I bought 4 Nails Inc. polishes, 2 of them their Special Effects 3D glitter polishes, which can be purchased for $9.50 each. The other 2 are the Magnetic polishes, which are a whopping $16 each.

Sloane Square
Since I’ve been all about glitters especially chunky ones, I was bound to get some of the Nails Inc. glitters. Sloane Square is a dark graphite gray microglitter with bigger pieces of holographic glitter dispersed within it. 
The first coat is pretty opaque, and it builds very thinly so that it doesn’t feel overly thick on the nail. Almost every glitter formula that I’ve gotten this past month has been great like that – oh how far glitter has come!
Connaught Square

Connaught Square is a rich dark blue microglitter with bigger purple pieces of glitter. I definitely purchased this more on the swatch on Sephora’s site, than actually researching the color online. I like it but it isn’t a color I’d absolutely need to have, if I had seen it in person. Luckily, it’s not really a color that I have but at the same time, it’s not a color that I need a ton of.
This builds nicely as well.

Glitter and Sparkle 4 Piece Nail Color Set
This I thought was fantastic. It’s 4 full sized Sephora by OPI colors for $28 when they retail for $9.50 each. You can actually get Be-Claus I  Said So, Only Gold For Me and Spark-Tacular Top Coat all individually (which are the red, gold and multicolored glitters). The silver though I can’t find online alone but they have a similar one that’s called Flurry Up. 
Are You Glistenin’?

This is a fine silver foil with a chunky and reflective silver glitter mixed into it. I opened the box and was so excited because it’s almost an exact dupe of the OPI Miss Universe polish called Crown Me Already. The Miss Universe color was probably the one I was most excited to get from that mini collection from over the summer so to see a color so close was nice.
If anything, Are You Glistenin’ is probably a tad darker and chunkier than Crown Me Already, and a tad more dense:

OPI Crown Me Already
So you can see below (Crown Me Already on the left, Are You Glistenin on the right) Crown Me Already has a bit more reflectiveness to it and Are You Glisenin is denser, which might be why it looks darker. 
Be-Claus I Said So
Be-Claus I Said So is a red microglitter with bigger red glitter. It’s a very holiday like red. It’s similar to China Glaze’s Ring In The Red, although Ring In The Red is finer. If OPI’s Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It had no silver glitter, and just red, it’d be this color. 
It’d be great as a top coat but also layers well. 
Only Gold For Me Top Coat
This is a clear base with gold micro glitter and big gold glitter. It’s not as dense as the other glitters and is for sure meant to be a top coat instead of layered as a polish on it’s own. It can layer multiple times to be worn on it’s own but you have to wait until each coat is dry or else the glitter will just move around when you’re trying to apply.
Spark-Tacular Top Coat
There’s been this influx of multicolored glitters ever since Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday and OPI’s Burlesque glitters from last holiday. This year’s OPI’s Muppets collection also released another glitter with multicolor confetti like glitter and thus they’re going to really be everywhere.
Spark-Tacular Top Coat is a uniformly sized glitter of all different colors densely suspended within a clear base. Mixed into that are bigger pieces of glitter of the same multicolored confetti theme. At first impression it’s very similar to Rainbow Connection from OPI Muppets. Rainbow Connection happens to be much bigger and chunkier though.
Just as a reminder, here are swatches of Rainbow Connection:
And, side by side (Spark-Tacular is on the left, Rainbow Connection on the right):
Personally, the size of the glitter makes Spark-Tacular much more wearable on it’s own. Rainbow Connection is much better as a top coat to layer on top of a different polish. It’s all the same sort of color theme but the texture makes one better than the other for different tasks.
Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara
This was something I wanted to try for a while because MissGlamorazzi had been raving about it for like a year. It’s a tubing mascara, meaning that it literally tubes the lashes with the mascara. It’s water and sweat resistant. 
The brush is curved with 3 spheres that hold the product. The formula holds curl pretty well and volumizes very well. It doesn’t lengthen as much as I would like, and tends to clump because of the tubing factor and the volumizing factor.
There’s quite a bit of product within the bottle and because of the way the brush is curved and sphered, a lot of product can accumulate in the brush causing more clumping than before. Wiping the excess off the lip of the top is key so that the lashes don’t overly clump.
It does have great staying power and is super smudge proof though. 

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liquid Liner

This was previously my favorite liquid liner. The Blinc came in a close second until I got a new tube of this liner and the brush had changed. Now they’re tied.
I love the formula of this liner – it’s very black, matte, and dries quickly. It’s sweat, water and smudge proof to the extreme. The brush is just awful though. It’s a rubbery triangle tip that isn’t very flexible. And I hate it. I miss the old brush. I just love the formula way too much to ever give up on this liner.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush – Blissful
I’ve been really leaning towards wanting good blushes lately and so I decided to pick this one up. It’s a warm peach that’s completely matte. It layers really nicely and goes on very smoothly. It also really does last all day. I’ve been using it almost everyday since I’ve purchased it and it’s been fantastic. 
Bumble And Bumble Black Hair Powder To Go 
I’ve wanted a good dry shampoo for dark hair for a long time. I’ve tried the transparent Oscar Blandi which is ok, but doesn’t work as well as the regular. The Tres Semme doesn’t work the greatest either. All the good ones come with white powder and for somebody with dark hair? Not the best.
I was instantly hooked when I saw this one because it was black. That’s what I needed!
It’s fairly expensive – $19 for a tiny spray bottle. The formula itself is great – no overly dry feeling, weird product heavy feel to the hair. The black powder though is very… active. When applying to the hair, make sure you don’t have anything white on so when you brush out the extra it doesn’t smear onto your clothes. During the day, if you’re over active with your hair, you may get black residue on your shoulders. So take caution.
Although I like this product, I don’t know if I’m going to get another one because it’s so expensive. I may just revert back to the Tres Semme and go back to hiding the white residue. 

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