I got just a few things from the Urban Decay Sale. The main reason for actually purchasing anything was to finally get the 15th Anniversary Palette. It wasn’t something that I had initially wanted but I figured since it was on sale, I might as well get it. 
The other things I got were the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin and their Matte Powder, both that I had wanted to try for a while. Inside the package I got a single sample of their lipgloss in Wallflower.
I’ve used all of the products so far and am very happy with all of them.
The original packaging of Primer Potion is on sale on Urban Decay’s website for $10, the rest can be purchased for regular pricing on Urban Decay, OR you can go to Sephora starting tonight and use the VIB Sale code to get 20% off. 
I have to say though, if you live in California, ordering from Urban Decay will be amazing because your packages will get to you FAST. I got this 4 days after I ordered it. They’re centered in SoCal (southern California for all you non-Californians) so they will get to you pretty quickly, whereas Sephora is centered in Baltimore and takes forever to get to me. 
Anyways, more photos are after the jump!

15th Anniversary Palette
The packaging for this was fantastic. They’ve definitely improved with this and the Naked Palette. No overly chunky things. I mean I like the Book of Shadows design and idea – it’s individual and cool. But to travel or use it everyday is a hassle because it’s so ornate and elaborate.
This comes with a velvet box on the outside and then a sleek, mirrored and gothically stamped out case inside of that. On top is some gothically printed UD in a crystal like texture of purple plastic.

The actual palette itself is inside the silver box and is surrounded by purple mirrored plastic. That part lifts up to reveal a small velvety compartment. There are 15 colors, which are apparently never before seen and exclusively new to this palette. Sure, they are, but I mean Urban Decay has so many colors almost exactly the same to these inside their palettes already that it wasn’t as if they were totally totally unique colors to the brand (like a matte bright green, or a good glitter shadow).

If you really take a good look at this palette, the brown colors are so similar to the Naked palette browns. The bright colors in the middle are in the same family as the brights they sort of always include in palettes. They’re again, not exactly the same colors, but are basically the same. 

There are a fair amount of neutrals, then a few colors, and some darker colors to create a smokey look if needed. The texture of the shadows were generally all good. Some of Urban Decays shadows have been softer and creamier so again, these shadows aren’t a total hit for me.

I’m not saying that I dislike this palette though. I do like it a lot, but it hasn’t outright impressed me like the Naked Palette did. Since it is a smaller palette than the other Urban Decay ones it’s a good palette to travel with because it comes with some good colors and dark colors as well as every day basics.
De-Slick Matte Powder
I’ve tried the De-Slick in a tube mattifying gel, so I wanted to try their powder which comes in a cuter, and more portable form for me.
The purple plastic compact is cute enough to carry around with me on a night out as well as have it function conveniently as a good product.
This is one of my favorite powders because it goes on translucent, isn’t overly cakey, and feels nice on the skin. It really does keep matte too, although since it’s been cold lately I haven’t been able to truly test it in hot weather.
I can’t tell you whether it flashes back either. I know it doesn’t say “mineral” or “SPF” on it but a lot of powders contain silica and that flashes back like crazy. 
I don’t have photos of the Primer Potion or Lipgloss for you because well… they’re not that interesting and not new products either. 🙂

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