I have another batch of Mac things (other than my Holiday stuff) for you today. Most of it is permanent stuff, but there are just a few limited edition things trickled in as well.
As you may have noticed, the fall collections didn’t interest me at all. I didn’t get a lot of things from them, as I did last year. The collections this fall were just sort of — meh. It’s not that there weren’t great products, but I have gotten to the point of saturation with makeup that when new collections come out, I don’t get as immediately excited as I did previously. 
After a few weeks of letting the collections sit in my brain, I did end up wanting 2 things (out of like 50 at least) from the various collections so I did get those. It was actually 3, but none of the stores I went to had that 3rd product left so I just got the 2.
The rest of the things I got were all things on the long wishlist I have going of the products in Mac’s permanent range. Most of that list is actually face products – blushes, emollient products like Cream Colour Bases, and foundations/powders.
All of these products can be found at Mac stores, as well as Mac’s website online.

Foundation Pump $7
So the price increase was a little of a shock. Other than that I just decided to get this because it was more of a necessity than anything. It was starting to get a little annoying trying to get the foundation out of the bottle and to keep it as germ free as possible.
There’s really nothing special about this other than that I was expecting it to be $5 and ended up paying $7. But oh well. 
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light Plus – $27
As a new project I’ve decided to compare 2 face powders as setting powders. I’m pretty much through with my Studio Fix Powder that I loved and was on the fence of whether I wanted to continue on with what I know and am comfortable with, or if I wanted to try something new.
I had always heard rave reviews of the MSF Natural and ended up not being able to decide between the two, so I picked the MSF Natural AND the Studio Fix Powder.
Both of them are listed under foundations, not as setting powders. It may seem a little overkill to set with a powder foundation, but as somebody that likes heavier coverage and has super oily skin, I’ve become comfortable with and happy with that process.
Anyways, MSF Natural’s Light Plus was not the color I was expecting to purchase. The Medium and Medium Plus shades, which I was originally leaning towards, were both too pink for me, and then after comparing to Light Plus and seeing that Light Plus was more yellow toned, I decided to go with it. 
The consistency of the powder is very smooth. It’s fairly soft… when swirling a brush in it, there’s a lot of extra powder that you may spill if you aren’t careful. 
It goes on pretty sheerly, and it sets to a natural finish, not matte. It does look nice on the skin and I still have to work with it a little more to figure out the best ways to work with it. 
As a comparison, here’s how it looks next to Studio Fix Powder NC30. Light Plus is a shade lighter (which is fine because it’s winter and it’s sheer):

Mac Studio Fix Powder C3 – $26.50

This is the other powder I got. Same type as before, Studio Fix Powder, just in a different shade, C3 instead of NC30. I found that once in a while, NC shades can be a tad bit too pink for my skin and it doesn’t match as well as I had wanted so I picked C3 for this round of Studio Fix Powder.
Studio Fix Powder is a heavier coverage than MSF Natural and finishes to a more matte finish. It wears a little heavy for some people. It’s great for me because I have super oily skin.
Here’s a color comparison:

C3 is probably a tad lighter and yellower than NC30. Which I need. So, hopefully this works perfectly for me. 
Below is a comparison of all 3:

Mac Face And Body Foundation C2 – $32
This is the one foundation from Mac that I hadn’t tried that I really have wanted to for a while. It’s a sheerer foundation, that isn’t necessarily the greatest for oily skin, but it comes in C shades. 
Another appeal of this foundation is that it comes with 4 fl oz. Studio Fix Fluid comes with 1 fl oz and is $26.50. So you get much more product for money.
Now if you like a heavy coverage like me, you’ll end up using a lot more product than you normally would with a full coverage foundation. I typically use about a pea sized amount with Studio Fix Fluid. With Face and Body I’ve found that I use about 3.5 times that amount to get the desired coverage.
It does look very nice on the skin though, probably better for drier skins. It’s sort of like my ideal tinted moisturizer – it’s got a decent coverage, comes with a TON of product, and if I’m looking for a sheer coverage, it can apply sheerly.
Cream Colour Base Pearl – $17.50

This has been on the wishlist for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time. I finally did it! Haha. It’s seriously ridiculous how swept away people can get with the limited edition items from Mac and how easy it is to forget some of the items available in their permanent range. It happens to me daily lol.
Cream Colour Bases are emollient products that can be used for various purposes – this one is usually used as a highlighter, and that’s exactly why I bought it.
The color is a warm pearl color. It looks great right under the brow and under the cheek bone. Blended out, the pearl sits nicely without looking overly strong on the face.

Oyster Girl and Good Times Lipglasses – $14.50

As you can probably tell from the picture, I was in the mood for mauvey pink lipglosses.
Good Times is actually limited edition and was released with Mac Me Over as well as the Fall Colour Collection. It’s an opaque cool mauve.
Oyster Girl is a sheerer, mauvey tinted gold shimmer gloss. Very pretty. And permanent!

Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil
This is the last item from this haul. This isn’t really anything special. It was a repromote in Fall Colour and it’s also my favorite black liner so I just picked up an extra. There are rumors that it’s now permanent. Hopefully that’s true 🙂 I haven’t found a blacker liner than this in pencil form so I always reach for this.

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